Astrology Charts

I will email your personalized reading as a private video.
Please email the date, time and place of your birth to
Please expect a 4-6 week wait time for readings.


We’ll look at all the major aspects between two people’s birth charts in order to understand the dynamics of their relationship. We will also investigate possible past life connections. Readings can be done without your partners exact birth time but understand that we will not know their Ascendant, house placements or exact Moon degree. These readings are approximately 60 minutes long.

Add Tarot Reading
to Astro Reading
*Totals $225

This is a special price and is only available to those that have also booked an astrology reading with me. Stand alone tarot readings are $99 and can be found under the tarot heading. Please email which tarot reading you would like along with your birth information.

Natal Chart

We’ll look at the major aspects in your birth chart to help you gain insight into who you are, your patterns and what your soul hopes to achieve in this life. These readings are approximately 60 minutes long.


Is there a date that is special to you or an important upcoming event? This is a fun reading where we will make a chart for an event and than compare it to natal charts to see how fated that date is. This can be done for an individual and a couple. This is a great reading for twin flames or soul mates who want to see how the stars were aligned the day they met or what will be happening astrologically on the date of their upcoming reconnection. Readings are approximately 60 minutes.


Are you a walk-in or soul exchange? If you have a date when you believe your soul exchange occured, we can look at the astrology behind it. Who are you compared with who you were before and what are the connections between the two souls. Each case is different, contact me to see if you are a candidate for this reading.

After paying for your reading, please send the appropriate birth information to: or use my Contact Form.

Please include the birthdate, time and place for all parties. While I can work around exact birth time for one individual, please understand that without exact time, we will not have Ascendant, house placements or exact Moon degree.

I cannot be responsible if you do not email all necessary information in a timely manner. 


This website and any reading given is for entertainment purposes only. This information should not be used by you to replace any professional advice.