Rebirth Of the Divine Masculine

This is information that I received through a channeled message regarding the rebirth of the divine masculine and their journey over the next six months. Currently the masculine find themselves in the underworld. Here they are healing and getting revitalized as they connect more with the primal masculine energy. They were sleep walking through life but they are being firmly pushed to wake up and prepare for their rebirth.

6 Comments on “Rebirth Of the Divine Masculine”

  1. This absolutely resonates. Because i do sense a lot of strength in the divine masculine since a couple of months. There is something new about the very masculine energy.

  2. This resonates 100%. Amazing, cuz when my TF and I first reconnected I kept seeing a stag…and lately I was wondering where did THAT strong guy go? Been feeling he is stronger and his sexual energy lately, as well. I saw Saturn as well and a full moon in a vision last week also… and many are seeing Leo!
    Thank you for the confirmations!
    Exciting Message!
    Thank you Marla!

  3. So true. Really resonates. I didn’t see this until the next day, but that night I was surprisingly guided to reach out to my Twin for the first time in six months, since our separation. I did not want to, but I felt it was right and knew also exactly what Spirit wanted me to say at this time. Response was “Never contact me again.” Fine with me. All is well… I remain at peace with an open heart and no attachments on this journey no matter what.

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