A Message from Metatron on Co-Creating Your Reality

First and foremost, you are here to ascend, this is more important than union and the primary focus of your journey. Now, ascending means being able to access multiple dimensions and becoming the co-creator that you were born to be. You are relearning that you are not a victim of your circumstances but must rise above them in order to … Read More

The Phoenix Rises

This is a message for those twins that resonate with surrender being the central focus of their current path. This is a big week astrologically. Today Venus conjuncts the North Node on the 23 degree of Leo and they sextile Jupiter and both inconjunct Chiron. This is called a yod or finger of god aspect. This is energy meant to … Read More

How Do I Know If They Are My Twin Flame?

One question I see over and over again in twin flame groups is, “How do I know I have met my twin flame?” Undoubtably, there will be many responses to this question in variations of this answer, “You know in your heart.” Yes. And no. In most cases, when you first meet your twin flame, you are not in your … Read More

All That Is Left Is Surrender

The divine masculine is going through their healing process and the feminine must surrender to that. There is nothing the feminine can say or do that will shift the masculine at this time. It’s their journey and they have to walk this path alone. Twin flames do not rescue each other because they are not codependent. The more the feminine … Read More

Energy Update for August 31, 2017 Shift Is Coming

A shift is coming. Did you think that the solar eclipse was the end? A huge shift is still coming! The eclipse was but one wave of that shift! Are you read to surf these waves? I’ve been looking at the astrology for the next few months as I prepare my Pisces Full Moon report. The astrology is full on … Read More