There was a time when I thought you were perfect. You occupied a Mt Everest sized pedestal.  I would gaze up at you from down below, through clouds that obstructed my view.  I could no more see a flaw in you than I could see imperfection in an Angel in heaven.  Unworthiness kept me from speaking a word.  Fear held … Read More

Choose Love: Twin Flame Energy Report Sagittarius New Moon

The collective energies have been fraught with triggers since the 10/10 gateway.  Twins, please understand that we are in the midst of huge shifting light.  This energy is pushing you to shift your consciousness and if you aren’t in alignment with love, it’s going to activate triggers.   At the core of the energy is the notion of what I … Read More

QHHT and BQH Quantum Healing Sessions

What is QHHT?  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy was developed by the late hypnotherapist and author Dolores Canon, who researched past life regression through hypnosis for 50 years.  QHHT can take you into the somnambulistic state of deep trance where you can connect with your past lives. QHHT has several stages that we will move through thru.  In the first stage … Read More