10:10 Gateway and Aries Full Moon

Happy 10:10! Many are still enjoying DNA activations to assist in their higher dimensional shift. At the Libra New Moon, much heavy karmic debris was released through the cellular structures and then those cells must be filled with more light. Third eye activations are key to the next steps within the ascension process. Some have completed that upgrade while others are still experiencing the shift. Headaches, eye strain, perceptional shifts and tiredness are all common symptoms. That shift can trigger other chakra activations depending on your particular circumstance. 

The Full Moon in Aries on October 13th, is square Pluto, who recently went direct. This is activating two energies. First, with the expansion in consciousness created thru the third eye activations, new areas of understanding are being illuminated around the shadow self. The expansion process is there to uncover these new layers. How is shadow holding you back? What is being mirrored to you? Prepare to awaken to areas where you have been sabotaging yourself. 

Secondly, The square to Pluto relates to our power and with Pluto in Capricorn, reclaiming our power from authority figures. All the cardinal energy this year is activating everyone to take back their power. Authority figures can be parents, spouses, bosses or government structures. Everyone is awakening to programming (whether it be consciously or subconsciously done) and control structures as we continually working on reclaiming our sovereignty. It is only thru the expansion process and clearing of ego that we even begin to see how we are being manipulated thru programming.

We are in the midst of a very big shift and that is making many of you uncomfortable and triggered. The shift to conscious creator is accelerating rapidly and that requires the removal of old programs lest we continue to create things we don’t want rather than things we do want. We have to know what we don’t want sometimes in order to know what we do want. You are continually being given choices by the universe and how you react signals the universe what you want to manifest. Many of you are experiencing repeats of karmic stories as Saturn begins separating from the South Node. Pay attention to how you are reacting. If you want to create a new story for yourself you have to release the old ones. To become a creator requires liberation from the past, authority and your own ego. Become aware of the words you say. How are you talking to yourself? Let your inner child be free to create thru play and joy. 

Venus is opposing Uranus and that is supportive energy for letting go and changing. Many that have been struggling with outdated relationships will be tested on what you want to continue choosing. Some may find themselves in an unforeseen circumstance dealing with some sort of betrayal. While it may seem new, it’s actually a repeat of past karma. Choose something new or continue to repeat the past. Remember, Uranus in Taurus wants to help you break free of areas you’ve been stuck. For many, these relationship shifts have been building for years. While we want to maintain balance with the people around us, it’s time to choose the self and this Full Moon is facilitating that. 

Our connection to source, our guides and our higher self is critical at these times and one of the reasons we are so heavily tested thru the ascension process. The shift requires that we allow and flow, not control, which of course requires trust in sources love for us. A belief that the universe is ever rushing in to support us. For some of you, it can feel scary to liberate yourselves at first because you may not trust in yourself and your power as a creator. Many of you still doubt what is occurring in your inner world. That inner world is the connection to the 5d. Hard as it may be, we have to surrender fear and doubt and trust our 5d connection.

Through the month of October we will have several days that vibrate at the numerical frequency of 1 and 3’s. Today is one of those days, 10/10/3 (2+0+1+9=3). The day of the Full Moon is 10/13/3. Last year I channeled some information regarding repeating numbers mixed with one. For 1 & 3, the message was to “trust your inner wisdom for you have all the knowledge you seek within! You are a leader, follow your own path!” The message is fully aligned with the current energy. Trust yourself. You are being supported in every way. Prepare for new beginnings! 

Marla x

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