11/11 Preparing for 2020 & Light Language Message

Happy 11/11! Are you ready to shine your light? At this 11/11 many will find themselves with more of an inner focus, especially with Mercury Rx, to allow for integration of the major expansion in consciousness we are going thru. It’s important to focus on the inner world right now has the increase in inner light maybe uncovering some unseen shadow elements. Soon that inner world will become shifted externally and you want to be prepared for your next step! Thank you!

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  1. Hi Marla,
    I have been listening to you for many years now on and off and I admire and respect your work I really do. You have also kindly responded to a couple of emails when I have been in need of advice. Of late I will admit to feeling that your path – down the road of light language and other planets and beings isn’t really for me. I find what’s here on earth enough for me.
    Having said that – I firmly believe in non-judgement and for there to be an open discussion and debate and I find the phrase “if this doesn’t resonate then this isn’t for you” limiting. This closes off a debate and also for the possibility that someone out there may have a message for you. And can we not allow for low vibrational comments or view points? Is that too scary and threatening? And who’s to say what’s low vibrational and what’s high vibrational?
    Would you not agree that as it stands the so called TF community or parts of it is becoming a closed circuit – almost like a self perpetuating dogma where there is too little openness and inclusion. Is it a new religion? Isn’t there a paragraph in the bible about Jesus saying something along the lines of invite not only friends and family to your table but also strangers and even enemies. Just a few thoughts from a fellow human. All the very best. Joanna

    1. Hello Joanna. Thank you for your comments. I realize that not everyone is going to like what I am doing but ultimately I have to follow my own soul and what I am being guided to do. Sometimes our higher self leads us to do things precisely BECAUSE not everyone is going to like it. In that way, it’s a test of our truth. When I first heard light language I wasn’t too sure about it myself but I have experienced healing, activations and message thru it since then and that has made me a believer in it. I think that saying if it doesn’t resonate it’s not for you is a legitimate statement for the reason I stated above, we all have to follow our soul and what is for one person may not be for others. We all have our own judgments, projections and experiences and we can’t hold everything we do based on what others will think about us. Sure, open dialogues are wonderful but often these conversations break down into one person needing to be right. As you know, very rarely can we change someones mind about something unless they are ready to hear. I think the twin flame community is still very new and in a tumultuous period of expansion and transformation that we will all learn from. If there is too little openess currently it’s because we are in our own state of expansion. I don’t feel it’s a closed circuit as there are thousands of people each serving up their own brand of “twin flame-ism.” Too me it feels like there is too much being said so that it’s confusing but that is all part of the journey and just how it should be at this moment. In a way, aren’t you not being open to me because I’m doing things that don’t interest you? When I suggested people leave a high vibrational comment, I was referring to trolls who leave comments calling me names and trying to intimidate me. I don’t think Jesus meant that we should tolerate open hostile but that we should hold love for all in our hearts. Thank you for your support up till now and I hope that you will continue on the journey with me but perhaps we need to go in different directions at this time and perhaps catch up again down the road. If there is something you would like to discuss further let me know. Much love on your path.

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