11:11 Claiming Sovereignty

11:11:11 Claiming Sovereignty

New beginnings are upon us!

Holy shift! Since the Taurus Full Moon we have cleared a whole mess of karmic stories and that is opening the door for a reset. Timelines are realigning. It hasn’t been easy but you has done a fantastic job and will be well pleased with the results of all your hard work.

Many things that I have talked about the last several months are all reaching convergence at this portal. Since May we have seen an incredible shift in consciousness and it’s growing by the day. Much healing has occurred around separation and returning to oneness. The Lion’s Gate opened the portal to twin flame unification and many twin flames have reached full inner union. Mars and Venus retrogrades are realigning us from ego will to divine will. Full inner union allows further integration of our higher self and this is requiring us to reassess where we aren’t fully empowered.

The theme of the Scorpio New Moon and 11:11 is sovereignty. Much of what was cleared on a karmic level relates to empowerment, which is the domain of Scorpio. Part of ascension is becoming creators of our reality. That means ending the karmic patterns and taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Now, with the deepening integration of our higher selves, we are being tested on our own levels of power. Where do you give your power away to authority figures, institutions, family, teachers, gurus, partners and even your twin flame or where do you use power to manipulate others? As we change over from ego to soul, we must remain aware in every moment of what we are giving our strength and attention to because that becomes our reality.

Being a co-creator of our reality means we free ourselves from the influence of others, instead learning to follow the instruction of our own soul. Allowing others to have too much influence over us takes us further from our own truth and true nature. If we are lacking healthy boundaries, others can create energetic interference, either consciously or unconsciously, that effects what we are creating, not to mention creating doubts in our souls knowing. Why would we do this? The ego may fear being wrong, failing or making decisions on its own. As we step further away from duality consciousness, these ego fears can dissolve.

When we are in the vibration of oneness, there no longer right or wrong, black or white. There are only paths. My path is not your path and yours is not mine. Neither is better, there is only that which is in alignment with what one is learning and creating. Therefore, you must create detachment from what other people are doing without judgment.

We need never worry when we follow the dictates of our soul because it is source energy itself and always in a state of perfection. This is why we go through these hard lessons of surrendering the ego to the soul during the ascension process. The egos role is fear, that is its very nature as it is meant to protect us. The souls role is freedom, freedom to express our purest truth which is always ultimately love. Many of you are sensing or seeing this new level of freedom within.

Some may wonder how this can work if everyone is taking different paths and creating different things, doesn’t one cancel out another? No, because although we are individuals, each with our own special traits, purpose and lessons, we are all also one, always creating alignment with what is best for all. This is what we just achieved with the transit of the Nodes of Destiny through Leo and Aquarius, when we act from our own truth we bring forth that which creates truth and harmony for all.

So if you have been experiencing a lot of clearing just trust that when you are through, you will have reached new levels of empowerment. Stay grounded and feel into your body. The soul often expresses itself through body sensations so if you are being made aware of certain feelings or sensations, stay aware and don’t dismiss it. Honor and nurture your body as it is changing to reflect all this inner change.

We often say, “It’s 11:11 make a wish.” This 11:11, don’t make a wish, instead set an intention. A wish is for someone that is subject to the dictates of an outside power, an intention activates ones own soverign power to create.

Marla Kelly

I will be live tomorrow 11:11 on the Collective Awakening Radio show hosted by Debbie DuBois and joined by Angie and Rob at Twinfinity and Kelly McKinstry at Emcompass Yourself. We will be discussing the twin flame collective, answering questions and have a special announcement! Please join us from 3-5 on Blog Talk Radio. I’ll post the link tomorrow!

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