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  1. Thank you, I needed to hear this. The 2nd feminine card really resonated and I feel like I have “permission” to be devoted to him and love him, despite the 3D world and everyone telling me to move on from him. I feel relieved in this.

    The masculine reading is spot on for my twin. And yes he is in a relationship yet I sense he is not fully engaged in it even though he moves forward in this relationship. He does have a lot of fears from prior relationships and does not easily look at those fears.

    Thank you, Marla, this was a great and much needed reading.

  2. Very helpful Marla! Puts the entire puzzle together within a neutral perspective and framework. Spot on my friend!

  3. Spot on, some of the divine masculine and feminine are just the energies we carry and are switched but it hits home for my situation. Thank you

  4. Please..put the subtitles ..I am italian e I don’ t understand the english, if I don’ t read it…thanks..can you write me please something about this lecture? Thanks❤

  5. This resonated with me and my current situation from start to finish going through separation now waiting on my twin/husband to tetun the whole reading is what we are going through vebatum I know we both are in a healing process, live this it was confirmation just hat I needed

  6. Thank-you Marla, you are always right on with exactly what I am going through and this helps lift me up and encourages me. My twin has been in a relationship with someone since May. He knows and acknowledges that we are twin flames, but says his gf is his soul mate (He is there to save her in her time of need). He has also said he sees how much more self-confident and strong I have become.

    I will continue to fuel my flame, see the separation as an opportunity to continue to gain strength and keep my intentions that very soon change will happen.

  7. This is my first time here interesting this is what’s happening with me and my partner right now I would like to meet in person w you Marla it’s more that I want to find out about my self and my Twin flame ?

  8. Thanks for this. Do you think that the closer we get to union, the more each twin feels both energies. I’m feeling the dm energy in my body but I’m feeling clear and ready in my head.

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