11:11 Twin Flame Energy Report

The message is quite strong this week. It’s a time of decision. The timelines are beginning to shift, will you move forward or will you stay stuck in old patterns? Moving forward means confronting ego fears so you can move past them. Does your vibration match your intentions? The more in alignment you are, the faster things can materialize. Stop letting distrust lower your vibration. Keep your vibration high and love in your heart!

8 Comments on “11:11 Twin Flame Energy Report”

  1. You talked about 444 being the angles, I see 442, 443 or 446 a lot at certain times.. It mostly started around the same spot every day during my morning commute in MA along an area where building called the wang towers, just Pryor to 9/11

  2. Marla, this really spoke to me. I all too easily fall into feeling rejected, unwanted, etc. by my twin and others. When friends (or my twin) don’t contact me as often as I’d like or are too busy to get together, I can feel unwanted and go down a bad path. This keeps getting triggered in me and is the main thing I am working on. I know I’m a good person. I know I’m lovable. I know my friends love me. I also know my friends are busy with human lives, work, family, caring for aging parents, illness. It does not help that others only see the 3D. I’m the type person who strives to keep friendships alive. If I don’t hear from someone, I’ll contact them. If I have not seen someone, I’ll invite them. If I put “conditions” on every friendship (including my twin) and let friendships go, I’d be missing out on some wonderful, long term friendships.

    It is hard for “regular” people to understand my acceptance of my twin. All they see is the 3D (he should make time for you, he should call you, he’s got a girlfriend move on and forget him). This is not something I’ve ever done with him. I accept him as he is and am glad for the contact and love we do have for each other.

  3. It is so hard to let go and trust this. I failed this morning going down the negative path with thoughts of this being not real, not being able to trust it. That it the real challenge.

  4. I dreamed of elephants swimming down a river near my house and of helping a baby elephant get reunited with its mother who came back to get it. And I dreamed of telepathically opening up to my own grown-up daughter I’ve been estranged from for a very long time. :))
    Today I spent many hours walking down a fairly deserted beach, meditating and swimming.

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