12:12 Gateway and Gemini Full Moon

There is a double whammy of energy coming in on December 12 and 13. This is the last full moon of 2016 and helping to bring a culmination to all the work and healing you have done this year. The foundation to the dream you’ve been manifesting all year is complete as the Sun joins Saturn. Witness whatever patterns are still remaining and work on wrapping up those major blocks to your new beginning. The masculine and feminine energy is coming into balance, enabling you to be a master creator. Keep your focus on what you are creating. Buried truths are likely to be exposed. Something has been tempting you but you’ve been afraid to go there. You’re curiosity is likely to get the better of you now. More awakening energies are here leading up to the Winter Solstice. Physical symptoms are likely has we are being upgraded. Water, rest and meditation. Also a little bit about me, my mission and expanding my future!

Thank you for watching and all the support you have given me this year. I’m truly blessed!

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