Energy Update for August 31, 2017 Shift Is Coming

A shift is coming. Did you think that the solar eclipse was the end? A huge shift is still coming! The eclipse was but one wave of that shift! Are you read to surf these waves? I’ve been looking at the astrology for the next few months as I prepare my Pisces Full Moon report. The astrology is full on … Read More

8:8:8 Lion’s Gate Channeled Message for Twin Flames

Happy 8:8 Twinnies! Here is a channeled message for you… For the divine feminine: It is time to surrender. Many of you have already gotten to this point but for those that need to and still haven’t, the choice will be taken out of your hands. Circumstances will require you to give in and let go of control. Do not … Read More

Twin Flames Together Boston October 6-8

I am proud to announce that I will be participating in the next Twin Flames Together Workshop organized by Dio Vesselinov, along with Naglaa El Shamy and Donna Fisher. This time we will travel to Waltham, Massachusetts which is about 30 minutes from Boston. The dates for this event are October 6-8. I had such a fantastic time at the … Read More