We Are In This Together

It’s important to remember when we go through times of deep healing and purging like this that we are all in this together! Many want to know, am I feeling my twins purging? Yes, you most likely are BUT this is likely to bring up your own purging. Often you will know that you are feeling something that isn’t yours … Read More

Walls (Part Two)

Walls (Part Two) The man in the tower was fond of his work. He thought himself quite an excellent builder. Still, she got in. Everywhere that he turned, he saw her ghost, her name, felt her embrace. At night when he was still he’d hear her voice. Praising him, comforting him with words of love. This just won’t do, the … Read More

Masculine Soul

You have intelligence that leaves me in awe, but that is not what draws me to you. You have wit that makes me laugh, but that is not what charms me. You have physical beauty beyond my wildest desires, but that is not what attracts me to you. It’s your soul that has eternally captured me. Innocence and playfulness balanced … Read More