5-5-11 (2+0+1+8=11) Constructing New Timelines

For the DF in all of us, both males and females:
There is a message from Kali today, 5-5-11, about changes. This card shows Kali after the earthquake of destruction she has wrought. Nothing is left standing in her wake. Everything has/will be razed to the ground. This signifies the collapse of the old timelines. This can feel strange because the past is gone but the future is not clear. We are now in the rebuilding phase.

What you have been wanting to manifest is already in the process of materialization but because it has not fully taken hold in 3d form, you don’t realize it. That is why the guidance coming in is for the DF to surrender into her knowing. The quickest way to bring this forth into this reality is to stay in an absolute place of trust that it will materialize in DIVINE TIMING. Detach from any concept of when that timing is. This is a deep state of surrender which also opens your energy field to receive what is coming to you.

If you saw my last energy report, you know that the Tower came up for the DF. On one hand this is echoing the collapse of the old timelines but it also relates to the fact that some of you will be experiencing tests and initiation processes now to show you where you still have fear that is blocking surrender. Both Kali and the Tower are representing the very important shift that has occurred in the energy fields.

We are in an influx of high vibration frequencies that are helping us integrate previous work but as many of you know, often these higher frequencies can push triggers and subconscious patterns up to the surface. If you stay in your knowing, trusting that everything is in perfect order, you will be able to stay in a higher vibration. I am being told we need to step out of ourselves at this time and view ourselves from a more detached manner. See the bigger picture and let go of the minutia and drama. The triggers will guide you to what your issue/s are right now that need to be integrated. Step out of the emotions (subjective) and see with your third eye (objective) thereby transcending the lower vibrational energies.

The more we are able to stay in a balanced vibration with complete inner knowing, without letting every emotion trigger us into fear and doubt, the quicker the universe can construct the new timeline before you. Like the Fool, take the step into the unknown, replete in the belief that the timeline will materialize as you put your foot down.

For the DM in all of us, males and females:
Divine masculine, your role right now is to open your heart. As we work to rebuild, we access the deep creative forces that come through our hearts. Venus is in square to Neptune, helping us connect with this inner creative force and unconditional love. Mars is moving away from Pluto, what we have repressed, and moving towards a square with Uranus, destruction of those repressed blocks.

DM you are moving beyond the belief that love is limited, conditional and finite. Part of opening to unconditional love is moving past our self imposed walls. I have been shown many times that we have barriers around our hearts in the form of old, repressed emotions, especially anger and grief. These emotions are often repressed because we believe that love is conditional and if we show our true selves by way of fully expressing a range of emotions, people will no longer love us. Has a society, we have been told being too emotional is wrong but we have to feel in order to fully embrace life. We can’t go on numbing ourselves or disassociating ourselves from our shadow. In turn, this stifles our passion and our creative faculty that we need in order to rebuild. Tune into that repressed passion to assist your DF self in the manifestation of your dreams.

For union:
What it is hoped comes across in this reading is how we all have DF/DM within us and both sides of ourselves are involved in the creative rebuilding process. If you are great in your feminine energy of knowing but still have heart walls up from unexplored childhood wounds, for example, then you will have difficulty opening to receive love and abundance. If you are in fear of opening your heart and being authentic, it’s hard to stay in your knowing because that energy breeds codependence and seeking validation from others.

Each twin flame should seek to heal both sides of the self in order to manifest the future. This also creates the balance needed to create 3d union. This is how twin flames create TOGETHER! We are both and we shift and create in tandem. Twin flames evolve together, each working on their piece, regardless of how things seem in “reality.” Masculine and feminine access your deep knowing and trust. The DF to trust in her intuition and future, the DM to trust in love and allowing their vulnerability in order to express themselves fully. This is how we create together in equality.

Marla x

Image of Kali from the Divine Feminine Divine Masculine Reunited Oracle Deck

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