8:8:8 Lion’s Gate Channeled Message for Twin Flames

Happy 8:8 Twinnies! Here is a channeled message for you…

For the divine feminine:

It is time to surrender. Many of you have already gotten to this point but for those that need to and still haven’t, the choice will be taken out of your hands. Circumstances will require you to give in and let go of control. Do not be sad because because it is in your greatest and highest good. As long as you try to control, you do not allow us the space to create magic in your life. If you want to move forward the fears have to go.

While the top of the pyramid is broken, the door to the tomb is open. Let go of the superficial circumstances and go within. In the dark is where you will find your answers. The dark portal is returning you to the spiritual world and the truth. Many of you will feel in the dark in some respect of your journey now but when you surrender to that dark space, you will see a new path open up before you.

When the feminine gets clear on the spiritual side of her life, the material side will follow. Stop playing small and weak. Stop waiting for a savior. You have been sent here with all the tools you need to create the life you want. Surrender to “death” and be reborn. There is a new beginning here if you can let go of the past. As long as you are holding on to the old wounds, feeling victimized, that is what you will get. You are not a victim. You are an all powerful creator.

For the masculine:

You have already entered the dark, the void. The dark place is your current life situation. There is some aspect of it right now that feels like the hot, barren desert. It is pushing you to take action. To walk away, although many are still fighting it. There is a great battle going on in your mind. These cups are empty, there is nothing left in this situation to nourish you. What are you waiting for? You fear your ability to make the transition but the energy for the union cards are saying that once you make the decision inside, the universe will come to your aide and assist you in all the ways you require. Do you have the faith?

You are also being shown to enter the dark chamber. Go back to your spiritual side. Horus is there to wipe the sleep from your eye. There is no more illusion when you wake up to the power of your higher self. No more lying to yourself or shutting down to make yourself more comfortable. Horus asks you to cut away that which is still holding back your heart energy. I am seeing a vision of you, masculine energy, with your chest sown shut. The stitches you have placed there to prevent any feeling but you are ready to take the knife and open them. To heal the wound instead of just numbing it and face all truth in your life. To embrace your warrior spirit and rise up once again!

For Union:

Changes are here. More and more as the feminine and masculine let go of controlling this situation, and both have been fighting for control, it gives us more chance to work. To right situations, to allow for easy endings and bright beginnings. As more of you bring your heart energy online, changes will become swift and efficient. Don’t fear the tomb, the dark is simply the shifting timelines that haven’t settled. Have no doubt that we work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring your desires into reality. Justice is being done. Love will triumph over fear. The snakes on the bottom show the regeneration occurring for both the masculine and the feminine. The Griffin (winged lion) at the top shows the swift moving energy of the Lion’s gate and the opening of your hearts, stronger and more courageous then when you started this journey.

Reconciliations are coming. For the masculine and feminine that have chosen to shed their fears are being elevated to the new timelines. Those timelines are on a collision course of converging. It is divine destiny but stay aware that you must love yourself in order to stay balanced and not fall off course. Put all your lessons into practice now. Especially for the divine feminine, you are feeling your masculine closer than ever before but stay aware of your energy! Do not fall back into chasing. You are warrior goddesses. You do not need the masculine to validate you when you love yourself. Masculine, you need self love as well to give you the strength to become more vulnerable with the feminine. No, you have not always been kind to the feminine, but when you have both healed and surrendered the proper amount, all will be forgiven as all happened according to the divine plan. You have eternity to make it up to each other.

Channeled by Marla Kelly
8-8-8 (August 8, 2017)

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  1. Thank you so much, Marla. Timely as usual…haha…time…
    Bless you and your work. Thank you for the inspiration! xoxoxoxox

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