Divine Feminine: Open Your Hearts (Trigger Warning)

This is a channeled message update for the divine feminine energy. As our own inner masculine energy rises and we become more empowered, we are ready to face more deeply buried wounds, related to abuse of the feminine and the patriarchy. This wounds need to be cleared away in order to come into a fully opened heart. As I state in the video, “It’s not in the mind, it’s in the vibe,” so while you may think your heart is fully open, carefully search your vibration because for most, your vibration is not open. This can manifest in many ways but often it is distrust and repressed anger with the patriarchal masculine. The energy is calling for all to forgive so we can heal and move forward with the new, divine masculine templates. Take the time to work on clearing karma, feeling the old emotions and perhaps speaking truth. Get the old energy out to create the space for inner union of both the divine masculine and feminine within as we head towards spring and Beltane. I have added the trigger warning for those that are still healing from abuse issues that may be extra sensitive to the emotions that this video may bring up. Namaste.


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  1. Thank-you for this post Marla! I have been feeling So much anger since my twin texted me last night that he has once again gone back to his karmic relationship. And I’ve had memories and thoughts coming up of the teasing and tormenting I suffered with sibling abuse by my brother growing up. Your posts help make sense of all this and to somehow find a way through the anger and the blessing in disguise under the pain.

  2. I stumbled on your video after waking up from a sleep. I felt do sad today and I didn’t know why. I would like to thank you for making me aware and putting my feelings into perspective. I wrote about this abuse to day with out knowing about these energies and why it’s coming up for me. I have been thinking today about my trust issues and how I need to heal it. You hit the nail so on the head and once again it’s all about forgiveness. Thank you so very much I really appreciated this. I started to cry just when you did. I asked for guidance to day and this so needed. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you.

  3. Hi Marla..
    It was heart wrenching to hear you break down at 4.55th minute. At the same time i am happy to know that you have the courage to break down and be authentic. Love you for that.
    And thanks for the information which is s always beautiful.

    Lots of love

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