A Christmas Message

For a child hath been born to us. A son hath been given us. And the princely power is on his shoulder, and He doth call his name Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

Tonight we celebrate the birth of a great master teacher, Jesus. The path that Jesus walked can give us great insight into this journey and becoming the essence of pure love.

It is no accident that we celebrate his birth near the winter solstice as many great spiritual leaders likewise have their births mark near this most important and ancient astrological time. The Sun itself is “reborn” through the longest winter night.

The celebration of Jesus’ birth is another metaphor for the current rebirth of the divine masculine energy we are going through. Jesus himself represented the ideal of the divine masculine, great strength coupled with a pure and open heart. The above biblical quote can also be seen as a reference to the new masculine, who will welcome the age of balance and peace.

This masculine energy is being reborn in all of us, male and female. Some of you may feel your inner masculine energy becoming much more powerful. This is likely to increase as Mars moves into conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio. The new year, 2018, will be a year when we are called to speak out and move into mission and we must be strong to do it.

The transition into this energy can be challenging. Many of you will be feeling some sore of healing crisis be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Nurture yourself has best as you can. Now is the time to choose yourself and set healthy boundaries to protect your precious energy.

In honor of this holy day I have drawn three runes to deliver a message to me; Uruz, Jera and Beorc.

Uruz is representing the developing masculine energy. Again, this is not an easy time but we are being assured through this rune that what ever struggle we are facing is part of our healing journey. The energy of Uruz is wild and untamed. Dig deep and find your inner warrior. This is yet another message that things are manifesting and changing whether or not it is actually being seen in your physical reality. Your strength and will power is needed to give form to what is being brought forth. Protection of your personal energy will serve you through this shift.

Jera is a rune that has much to do with divine timing and having patience, yet there is promise of rewards. The message from Jera is stay in the present moment while keeping an eye on the future. You cannot reap the harvest if you don’t plant seeds and tend to your garden. Likewise, we reap what we sow. What are you sowing?

I had to laugh when Beorc was given to me for this rune represents birth and the womb. Of course we immediately think of the birth of the new masculine energy but Beorc is not just birthing a child but bring anything into creative form. It is thought made manifest. With the increase in our masculine side our creative energy force is getting much stronger.

This rune is speaking to me about the void from which all creation flows. This is the energy of the divine feminine. All things can be known in this void. Do not underestimate the changes that are brewing in the silence around you. Here again is a message to protect that which is yet to come to full fruition. Tending to your seeds and garden is best done in silence until they have taken tangible form.

I have also seen this rune interpreted as “your true home, the home where your heart is as opposed to where you live now.” (Lisa Peschel) Many changes are occurring as we are continually being asked to make choices which result in shifting timelines. As always, all is being created in the highest good of all.

For some of you the holiday season is a challenging time. Try not to focus on what is not around you but focus on what is. Find gratitude and joy in even the littlest of things if you must. With Saturn, the Sun and Venus all joining up the energy can be quite heavy at times but have faith in the future. We must complete a portion of our healing in order to bring forth the new beginning.

I am sending each one of you love and wishing you a holiday filled with peace in your heart.

Happy Holidays,
Marla x

Artwork: Our Lady Icon by Celiwin at DeviantArt

3 Comments on “A Christmas Message”

  1. Thank you, Marla, for reasons I can’t even articulate. I am grateful for your sensitivity and your wisdom. Blessings to you and your loved ones this season…

  2. Yes, thank-you Marla for this timely message! So helpful! I’ve long found Christmas so hard to get through, being single, and all the commercialism, and it is nice but at the same time trying to be with family… And then, after many months of being distant and in a relationship with someone else, my twin is now sending me compliments and caring, texts. I believe, exactly as you said, he has realized that she is not his soulmate, I’m pretty sure they’ve broken off and he is coming back to me. What I have been “waiting” 11 months for. Christmas eve I was so lonely and on Christmas day I awoke with a very clear message from his higher self, “I will be back.”Your videos and messages have given me hope and helped me so much. Blessings and love to you! Thank-you!

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