A Conversation with Archangel Jeremiel

As I am contemplating faith and the incoming energy for the week (February 19-25, 2024) I feel the presence of Archangel Jeremiel. 

Marla: Can you help me decode this energy?

Jeremiel: Restructuring. There is weakness. It is like a structure that was not built properly and it is taken apart brick by brick and reassembled in a manor that has more INTEGRITY.”

Marla: Does this refer to Solomon’s Temple? (When I opened my Bible this morning I turned right to the page ‘King David calls Solomon to build the temple.’)

Jeremiel: Yes, It did not have enough integrity to stand. It kept being destroyed. It will be fortified so its walls will become shields.

Marla: What do you mean by shield?

Jeremiel: A safe space. Protection. Support.

Marla: Is something coming?

Jeremiel: Yes, division is coming. Tear it down. Rebuild it.

(I think about the words of Jesus. Tear down the temple and I will rebuild it in three days.)

Marla: How will we rebuild it? 

Jeremiel: The instructions will be written on your hearts and minds. You will remember the blueprints. It will call you forth. It will rally you with inspiration.

Marla: Is the day of judgment coming?

Jeremiel: Not yet. There is still much work to be done before that. God will give them signs. God is just. There will be opportunities for people to change and chose love.

Marla: Why am I struggling with faith lately?

Jeremiel: It is not lacking as much as you think. You read the signs. All are having their faith tested. It will make it stronger. To have faith in what is unseen is not easy. It builds patience. It asks you to fall over and over. In this way it restructures you. Tearing down the old and rebuilding it in a way that has integrity. This is what God wants. The new temple cannot be built on a fragile foundation. It must be strong. 

On this crumbling foundation faith is tested. It runs through the cracks in the mortar like water to be washed away with every passing unfulfilled whim. When there is a strong foundation storms are kept out. 

Sacrifice is part of life on earth. You came here to have your faith tested over and over. There have been many times you stood at the crossroads of faith and stayed the course (referring to past lives) and you have grown from those times. They still exist within you. Call them to you now.

What you are wrestling with are the times when it felt as if your faith was misplaced. You felt forsaken rather than vindicated. Yes, this too is like Jesus Christ. (He has read my mind because I’m thinking of Jesus on the cross, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”) But God fulfilled his promise for he raised him up again and blessed him beyond measure. He rebuilt the temple in three days. He heard Christ’s prayers and answered them, he will answer yours, too. 

The time of the heavy sacrifices you have made in the past are over. Believe. Believe in love. Live love. Rebuild the temple on the rock of your faith and it will rise again in glory. Even Jesus who had the greatest amount of faith was tested to his core because when faith isn’t tested it isn’t strengthened. Faith is a faculty that must worked, like a muscle. Faith is a knowing, an expectation. When real faith is your foundation, then you will move into having expectations that are unquestioned but without faith, you would only ever believe that your expectations will go unmet. You are close, so close, to having these prophesies fulfilled. 

Channeled by Marla Kelly

5 Comments on “A Conversation with Archangel Jeremiel”

  1. Hi Marla
    Hope you are good. Thank you for the message as it was certainly relevant for now and what has been placed in front of me to see and feel. There is so much energy passing through, it certainly has shown and bought truth to light and of how people’s faith has been influenced by outsiders.
    Kind regards

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