About Me

The path to divine partnership starts with you. Twin flames, twin souls, sacred unions—no matter the label—are often portrayed as a fairy tale romances. Certainly, that can be one aspect of the relationship, but the truth is that divine union must happen within yourself before it can fully blossom with another.

My mission is to help you to better understand your soul journey, your purpose, and your karmic patterns so you can heal within your Self. This understanding better allows you to move into Higher Vibration and Wholeness. Coming into Wholeness means you are willing to totally let go, and remove old blocks, patterns, and templates, and open your heart fully. Only when you have done this, will you be truly ready to develop a heart-centered relationship based on love. And, once you begin really operating from that high frequency and wholeness, you will naturally call forth into your life others in the same vibration. That’s when divine union becomes possible, for only when both people are truly whole can they come together in full union.

One way I can help you understand your soul journey is by helping you decode your natal chart, which is a map of that journey. Your natal chart contains code language for the lessons that you will learn on your path and spells out your life purpose. The planetary alignments will help you understand your patterns and triggers and once they become conscious, you can begin the work of overcoming them. I can also compare your natal chart to another person’s—a process called synastry—which highlights the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship with that person, as well as, gaining a better understanding of the other persons patterns. This allows you to evolve together in a conscious fashion.

Marla Kelly

I also work with tarot, which enables me to better tune into your energy and provide you with personal guidance from Spirit.

Please know, you cannot do this process for your partner, this is a process you take on for you. This is how earth is transcending the karmic relationship template, moving to higher vibrational divine partnerships that encompass all of creation.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to help you discover what blocks, patterns and templates you might have, helping you unblock them so you are more able to embody-and love-your true authentic self. Having come from a place of low self-confidence at one time, I understand the journey to Wholeness and I’m passionate about helping others achieve this state of being.

Please visit my Services pages, which outlines my specific services. And feel free to send me an email through my contact form, if you have any questions.

–Marla Kelly