Afterword for Twin Flames Together 1111 in Chicago

I’m still processing the amazing connections I made at Twin Flames Together 1111. Thank you to my soul brother Dio Vesselinov for putting this together and bringing me on board from the get go. Dio is such a blessing to this community and goes above and beyond to spread love where ever he goes. Thank you to those that
participated in this event with courage and vulnerability. There were twin flames from all walks of life, all stages of union, so called runners and so callled chasers. I was so humbled by this experience, which has never been done before to my knowledge. Just like those that showed up to truly participate, I laughed, I cried, I shared, I listened, I blossomed, I let go, I walked through my fears. I just LOVED! ❤️ The vulnerability of others created the space for me to be vulnerable. This was not about us teaching but a sharing from the heart from all. While I hope I shared something of value for others, I also want to say that I learned a lot, especially from the couples in various stages of union that showed up and shared their experiences from their cores. Not only the feminine, but the masculine, which was so important and really proved that the masculine heart is very much awake and in tune with their higher selves! My heart had trouble containing itself at times. I met the most incredible people that really made me see how strong, resilient and dedicated to mission twin flames truly are. This was a magical experience that cannot ever be put into words but will forever have a place in my heart.
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