Anchor Your Connection: Energy Update

Early September has a Pisces Full Moon followed by Mars Rx.  The next two weeks will likely bring activations for heart awakenings followed by clearing heart wall blocks.  This has been and will continue to be especially impactful for the divine masculine.  Many divine masculine are clearing old programs and some find themselves in a dark night of the soul.

Last week I wrote about believing in your unions and I want to add to that post.  As the masculine awaken, they have to clear.  At times this will trigger them to push the feminine energy away, just has when the feminine awakens there are times she pushes her partner away because of pain and doubts.  

In many cases, the feminine, being the energy more anchored in the heart at this time, is going to energetically feel that.  Indeed, both twins will feel and respond to this energy through out their journey but early on it is often felt sub-consciously and not always know to be connected to their partner.  

What tends to happen is one twin (here we are taking about the masculine) is triggered to push the others energy away.  The other twin then, is subconsciously triggered into bouts of doubt and insecurity.  Feeling hopeless, frustrated, abandoned might be felt by both.  When this energy goes unchecked it can spiral very rapidly into a place of pulling each other down, deeper and deeper.

Divine feminine, stay aware and focused on your own vibration.  I’m not one to encourage others to project all their physical and mental issues on what their twin flame might be doing or feeling, as I think that can be a dangerous trend that creates spiritual bypassing, but sometimes when you stay in awareness you will get signs and messages that this is the case.  

When you stay in that vibration of unconditional love, it provides an anchor for the masculine to attach to.  The masculine did this for the feminine as she was awakening, often by remaining attached to their 3D lives and continuing to compartmentalize emotions.  While it may seem unfair, it allowed them to stay detached emotionally because the feminine had to awaken first.  Now many of you DF are awake and balanced enough to hold this anchoring space for your partner and help them get through it faster.

When my guides told me to share that message of keeping faith, it was with the intention that faith keeps your vibration in that high place rather than getting sucked into negativity, from wherever it’s coming!  The feminine, too has been getting triggered has twins clear together yet stay focused on balance.  We get triggered, see it, let it go and return to our hearts.  

When you feel your partner pushing you away it’s easy to feel angry and rejected (and if you feel this way and don’t know why then consider this dynamic might be happening).   You must remind yourself that it isn’t about you!  It’s simply a release of fear and programming.  Counteract it by sending waves of love.  That is what twin flames do. 

There might be some ups and downs as emotions are likely to be high with a Pisces full moon, but Pisces and Neptune are also union and unconditional love.  Don’t let fear attach you to the Pisces illusion, for you are one always and forever!  

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  1. Yes, Marla, what you describe is exactly going on. I strongly felt that his energy had been pulled away from me, not especially that he is pushing me away. But I also got the message from my higher self that it would be important to stay positive and in high vibration, even to be glad about it. Very nice that your message is kind of confirming that! Sending love, Agnes

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