Are You Being Triggered to Find Your Power? (Part I)

Since the end of last year many feminine twins have been having their deepest fears triggered by their twin flame. In some cases, over and over again.

There is a higher purpose behind this and it’s actually about coming together. In order for twin flames to come together, they must detach from each other. This can be hard, especially for the feminine energy who feels the love so deeply but the masculine must detach, too.

The feminine needs to detach because they are giving all their energy to their twin. Some call it chasing. Chasing can be energetic, so even if you aren’t in contact, you can still chase.

That is keeping your twin stuck in their cycle. Your twin is waiting for you to set boundaries with them so they can face themselves and if you aren’t, energetically they must trigger you to force you to set those boundaries. Think about it, as long as they have your energy, why should they change? This is especially true of they are choosing to stay in their karmic relationships.

Believe it or not, the masculine WANTS to be with you and subconsciously, they know you need to detach to allow them the space to face themselves. When you detach, they detach and go deeper into their process.

We are at a stage energetically where both must detach because otherwise there is interference in the universes plan for us. Things aren’t going to manifest how you are envisioning so to stay so stuck on that old story is not serving any purpose accept slowing down your process.

There is much more to this then just not chasing though. Feminine energy, you must step up into your god/goddess energy! That means being your true authentic self, standing in your power and speaking your truth. This is an absolutely critical step to reunion. I’ve spoken in my videos about embodying your higher self and you aren’t ready for that unless you can be your truest self with no fear.

Many of you have worked really hard developing your power but then when it comes to your twin, you back down. Your fears of abandonment and societal conditioning put you into a place of fear and you cling to your twin flame, accepting less than you would from any other relationship. You have poor boundaries and you let them have control of the situation.

By control of the situation, I am not speaking of control in the old 3d templates. This is about you speaking your truth and standing in your power. When you reach this stage, you might find you are triggering your twin flame with your truth! Allow it as part of the process. Keep in mind this should be happening organically and not as calculated manipulation to gain a certain end.

If your twin flame is continuing to live in their lies, why would you not back away from them? The more you are in your truth, the less you can stand to be around others that aren’t in their truth and that even applies to your twin flame. Do you want them to be truthful with you? Be truthful with them. Don’t expect instantaneous results in every case though. This is a process and one that can’t be rushed.

In order for reunion to happen, you must ascend and this also entails living your truth and being powerful. This isn’t about manipulation, it’s about honoring and caring for yourself and not allowing others to disrespect you.

This month we are going up another level towards ascension. It is a critical time for those that are contracted to come together. Find that god or goddess within you and honor yourself or your twin flame will continue to trigger you.

Written by Marla Kelly, Channel, Astrologer, Intuitive
June 7, 2017

11 Comments on “Are You Being Triggered to Find Your Power? (Part I)”

  1. Yes! It’s been 26 yrs my twin flame and I met. I’ve come to value myself love myself, My DM started communicating with me. Asked if he can meet my granddaughter. I feel him closer then ever. His spoken to me in a way he never has. His starting to speak the truth. Love & Light ✨?✨

  2. Wow.. thank you sooo much .. I found you divinely and needed this information.. it resonates so deeply..
    Paz Amor Luz

  3. My fear of being abandoned by way of cheating was just triggered, broke up with my twin flame based on semi-evidence and spoke my truth. Realized I hVe to love without fear and have 100% faith that God won’t leave me hanging when I do so. So many, if not all of our decisions are based on fear, we do ourselves a great disservice when we live this way.

  4. Thank you a lot, Marla for all the articles you write about twin flame. I am sure each twin is unique and has their own way of approaching things. I am sure I found your site by following my intuition unconsciously. But it gives me every knowledge I need to know. Thank you so much by helping me and others going through this journey.

  5. Great write up did you have any videos to follow on from this it says part 1 but i see no part two I am in this situation right now and ive set my boundrys and the shift i feel now is amazing this is self love front he core. Please share more on them being with karmics ,

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