Aries New Moon: Claiming Sovereignty

This Astrocast is for the Aries New Moon (April 5, 2019). It’s time to just be you! Time to look at your inner power. Are you still allowing yourself to be limited by the judgments, beliefs and expectations of others? No more playing the victim. Break free of codependent patterns so you can manifest what you desire in your heart and what is in alignment with your higher self!

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2 Comments on “Aries New Moon: Claiming Sovereignty”

  1. Dear Marla,

    Love your messages, and the Sovereignty message is especially poignant. I’d like you to consider changing the phrase “Claiming Sovereignty” to “Claim Sovereignty”. Why — because the active energy of “Claiming” may be (mis-)interpreted as a linguistic holding patternto keep minds in the actyivity of “Claiming”, rather than act, claim and move forward and take ownership of their true “Sovereignty” power.
    Language is seriously powerful, hope that make sense. Take care,

    Hendrik from Calgary, AB, Canada

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