Asteroid Oracle for April 22, 2019

We are all wounded (Chiron). Often that wound is too much for us to face as it comes from our earliest lack of nurturing and alternate realities of trauma (Pandora square the Nodes). The universe is guiding each of us to face whatever our fear is (Saturn conjunct the South Node) as our way to inner transformation (South Node conjunct Pluto stationed). 

Until we face our inner wounds, we search for healing in every relationship (Venus conjunct Chiron). We over lay the template of our past onto every relationship before it has even begun. “Heal me,” we say to the other, “Show me that I am worthy of love,” the whole time keeping the box of our heart (Pandora square the Nodes) firmly closed for fear of what shadows might escape.

You must open the box and pursue the contents yourself if you ever want to change (Sun conjunct Uranus) and create true love (Venus/Chiron). Let down your defenses (Mars oppose the Moon square Neptune) and just be with whatever comes. 

This old wound is ready to heal now (Venus conjunct Chiron). The energy of the Divine Mother is strong. She is there to assist you in releasing the past (Saturn conjunct the South Node) and taking responsibility for your future (also Saturn conjunct the South Node). The Divine Mother fills your heart with the nurturing you need, inspiring trust in the future despite the heaviness of the moment (Saturn oppose the North Node) for you are creating the future! Will you recreate more of the past (South Node) or allow yourself to stretch into new ways of being (North Node).

Let it go. The wound does not define you (Sun conjunct Uranus) for you exist beyond all pain. With this healing the truth of who you are (Sun conjunct Uranus) is emerging. All that you have achieved in other dimensions is aligning with your path (Saturn/South Node oppose North Node) when you allow the pain (Venus conjunct Chiron) to be alchemized into your gold (South Node conjunct Pluto). 

As we shift from Aries/Libra, letting go of over attachment to others to find our inner truth, we are preparing for the Taurus New Moon. You are a unique expression of love (Sun conjunct Uranus). It’s the love you are within that heals you, divine warrior of the heart (Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries, Mars square Neptune), not the love of another. 

Believe in you! (Sun in Taurus) You are ready to shine! 

April 22, 2019

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  1. This post is exactly spot on. Today I felt into my pain and it was an emotional expression of all the love I feel! It’s not pain at all, it’s Real Love.

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