Asteroid Oracle August 13, 2019

Asteroid Oracle August 13, 2019 

The Lion’s Gate has been bringing in so much light! It’s raised our vibration quite a bit and provided us with a sense of union. Signs and synchronicity has been very high. 

When we go through such strong vibrational shifts in consciousness, that incoming light begins to illuminate hidden corners. It finds the cobwebs and areas that have been unseen for a very long time. It brings shadow aspects of the self to light. 

This is all part of the souls incredible healing process. In order to take on more light, we must incorporate more shadow. Notice I said incorporate. The shadow self needs love and understanding. Healing the fear or pain that lies on the surface level, allows us to reach the wisdom and strength of the lower level. This is soul integration. This is a necessary part of transformation so try not to resist what might come up but instead dig deep and try to learn from the experience.

Uranus, which is stationed to go retrograde, is square Mercury and today the Moon will trigger a t-square with them. This could activate triggers around aspects of shadow that the high vibrational energies are shaking up. If you’ve already dealt with the trigger then this is a good aspect for integrating the new thought patterns. 

Uranus in aspect to Mercury also helps us reach multidimensional truths when we are open to them. This week is a good time to meditate and see what shows up when you release some of the 3d connection and consciously allow the flow of information thru the higher self. 

Jupiter is also stationed, but going forward, in his home sign of Sagittarius. Another helpful aspect for integrating changes in beliefs and ideas. The Sabian symbol is “The groundhog looking for its shadow on groundhog day.” This is another nod from the universe about bringing light to the shadow so we can clear away old perceptions. Because Jupiter is shifting direction, he occupies this degree for the entire Lion’s Gate period. Jupiter is square Neptune and they want to help you uncover the reasons why you don’t think your dreams can come true. Let go of the fears regarding what you are creating. 

The Sun is in exact conjunction with Venus until the 17th, right thru the Full Moon on August 15th. Today and tomorrow they will quincunx Pluto. The Sun and Venus are helping to shine that light of unconditional love, yet Pluto can activate shadow aspects deeply connected to karma that make it difficult to open the heart in unconditional love. It’s all a learning experience to help you shift higher in a more stable frequency. 

The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Venus for August 13th is “Intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings to try and fly.” I know many of you are feeling as if you are doing everything to flap your wings and getting no where. It’s one of those times where things feel so close to manifesting that it brings out frustrated because the 3d can feel as though one is going backwards. Take heart and know you will fly. It’s all part of the energetic shift and high heart activation of this Lion’s Gate.


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