Asteroid Oracle August 5, 2016

Asteroid Union goes direct today! Union, which represents your twin flame union, has been retrograde since April 9. It has traveled from 24 to 7 degrees Sagittarius. Finally in direct motion, this is going to be a big push forward for unions BUT the real forward motion begins when Union meets up with Mars and Saturn on August 24. You can watch the video I posted on Youtube called Saturn and Mars Creating the Foundation of Your Union for more information. Then on October 31, Union will leave it’s shadow and will be in fresh, new territory. Hurray!
The Sabian for its station degree is “Deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed.” Can you feel the shift in the energy? Changes are coming, even if they do not seem clear! Many twins are having to face their inner selves right now. Have patience and send love to all. This is a period to have unshakable faith in the universe!
Marla x

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