Asteroid Oracle: Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius

For a long time we have been wanting change, action. All last year we worked towards getting ready for these changes and now with the eclipse portal open, change is upon us. This energy is getting boosted by Black Moon Lilith, who recently entered Sagittarius and is currently squaring the Moon’s Nodes.

In Jewish mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, made from the ground just as he was. Problems arose when she refused to lay under Adam during intercourse. Lilith wanted equality with her masculine counterpart. She was then cast out of the Garden of Eden and a more suitable mate, in the form of Eve, was created. This time from Adam’s rib and so Eve was subservient to him.

Lilith is our need to be our authentic self. She refuses to be subservient, to keep her mouth shut and be the “nice girl”. She breaks free from that which would hold her down. Lilith expresses her truth as well as her sexuality whether other people are comfortable with it or not.

As she traveled through Scorpio she assisted us in working with our past life issues. Lilith gave us the strength to look at some of the darker stuff that we had buried. Past scenarios where power was stripped from us and we were forced to follow the rules of another and then giving us the inner courage to say no more. The idea that anyone has power over us is an illusion and Lilith see’s right through that illusion.

Now that Lilith is in Sagittarius, she is going to start busting through false beliefs systems, especially those related to religion and politics. She will be exposing false teachers and those that lie and deceive in order to lead others astray. Lilith is going bring out truths and she cares not who gets upset in the process.

On a personal level, as Lilith travels through Sagittarius you’ll be confronting your inner beliefs, especially those that create fear and doubt. Its time to reveal the real you in all your authentic glory. You want freedom at any cost so you’ll let go of what other people are going to think of you and just do it.

Currently, Lilith is at 0 Sagittarius and squaring the Nodes. They will begin separating from each other around the end of March. This is an important transit as we are in eclipse season and then Venus retrograde. You are being given the choice to move away from your old beliefs so you can break free and move forward. This is a chance to make a multidimensional transition.

Another aspect of Lilith is kundalini and divine knowledge. She is sometimes represented as the serpent in the tree of life. Allow this transit to help you expand your consciousness and awaken to another level.

This transit is continuing to expand the divine feminine and Goddess energy. Allow Lilith to help awaken your inner goddess. Remember, Lilith wants equality with her masculine counterpart and she will no longer shut down her voice in order to make others comfortable.

If you have trouble asserting yourself or setting healthy boundaries with your twin flame, this transit can help. Just be sure that you are using Lilith in a positive way. As always, this is done in unconditional love and not anger or retaliation. Nor does the goddess seek to dominate her masculine counterpart. It’s all about balance.

Go ahead and speak your truth even when other’s aren’t going to like it. Be you! Lilith will give you the self confidence and optimism you need to take the leap of faith and make changes even if you aren’t quite sure of the outcome. Whatever happens, you have the power to face it.

Image: Lilith by John Collier (1892)

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  1. I have had a close relationship with Lilith for a while now I didn’t know that I could use her this way though or that she could help guide me I talked to her a lot though maybe she’s been guiding this whole time and didn’t know it

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