Asteroid Oracle January 27, 2019

Today is Chiron’s last full day on the 28th degree of Pisces until 2068. The Sabian symbol is “Light Breaking Into Many Colors As It Passes Through A Prism.” Activations have been the focus for much of January with today and tomorrow being a peak influx of rainbow light that has been upgrading the light body and creating deeper integration of the multidimensional self.

Old energy left over from the patterns that have shifted since 11:11:11 are being brought to the surface for removal. Access to other timelines is increasing for many of you with this upgrade.
If patterns resurface, witness without judgment. Sit in contemplation and rest. Sit in the sun if you can, even if through a window.

2 Comments on “Asteroid Oracle January 27, 2019”

  1. Just a normal Mon morning here walking to the gym see a woman with a baby beautiful white English skin. Say hello where do you come from answer Yorkshire I say in my head Naturally I come from House of York one of the syncs I share with Rick, nothing happens, everything happens. lots of love Jane xx

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