Asteroid Oracle: Jupiter Rx Update and Venus Out of Shadow

This message will resonate with some of you that have your twin flame choosing to stay in their karmic relationships.
This Jupiter Rx is having everyone review their partnerships and it was really intense with Venus Rx at the same time. When planets are retrograde they focus their energy internally. This caused everyone to do some serious thinking. For many that are still in karmic relationships, especially the masculine energy, this combination has lead some of them to decide to give it one last try with their karmic partners.

The quincunx between Jupiter and Neptune is adding to their confusion. This is testing their faith but some will feel the test and decide to run the other way, back to the karmic. Neptune and Jupiter create big illusions, too, so some are trying to hide in this illusion that they can salvage their current situation or that they must sacrifice themselves or save the other person.

Venus, who has been direct since April 15, clears her shadow today with an exact opposition to Jupiter and semi-sextile to Neptune. She’s on the Sabian symbol, “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.” This relates to sacred union, Adam and Eve partaking from the tree of knowledge, awakening and kundalini activations but if someone is still attached to certain belief systems it can bring up feelings of temptation and guilt. One might fear this knowledge or be under the old religious templating that having this knowledge is wrong.

Pluto, which represents our shadow, is squaring Venus. This is bringing up fears around love and the need to control it, guilty feelings and wanting to keep one’s feelings secret. Pluto square Venus can trigger fears of worthiness and the belief that love must be painful. Together they create a deep longing for love and spiritual union and at the same time, a great fear of it. Therefore, some are choosing to stay with what they know for the time being despite it being a painful situation.

Some of you might be feeling your twin flame push you away, either energetically or in 3D. This can be painful and can bring on purging but do try to maintain balance. I’m being shown the Lovers card which certainly relates to that Sabian and represents a choice between two people. The message I receive from this card is that they, and by extension you, are likely to keenly feel the push pull because the Lovers represents separation and the longing for reunion.

If they are choosing to stay in their karmic relationship there is nothing you can do. Letting them go is the only option. It is up to them and their higher-selves to face their own inner fears and beliefs. To figure out why it is that they are not choosing themselves. That is the truth of it. It isn’t that they aren’t choosing you, they aren’t choosing themselves. They must figure out why they fear love and happiness.

Asteroid Juno, Jupiters wife, went retrograde on May 10, square to Jupiter. She is doing her own inner reflecting as she travels backwards to meet him in an exact square June 18. Juno and Jupiter had the classic karmic relationship. Juno was always trying to get Jupiter to SEE HER, who she was as a person, to validate her but he never did. He often chose other relationships which made her angry and gave her the reputation of a “shrewish wife.”

The divine feminine is tired of putting up with disrespect and trying to get the masculine to SEE them. The masculine can’t or won’t give validation because of their own insecurities. Detach from them and follow your own joy. If they are your true divine partner, they will return.

Jupiter goes direct June 9. After that, there is about a four month window before Jupiter moves into Scorpio, this will be the time where those that were struggling to hang on to these karmic relationships will see them begin to fall apart as it will become increasingly difficult to try and hold them together in the new energies.

Marla Kelly, Intuitive Astrologer and Channel
The Sabian symbols are referenced from “360 Degrees of Wisdom” by Lynda Hill

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