Asteroid Oracle Mars square Saturn January 18, 2017

On the heals of a very powerful full moon in Cancer, we have Mars conjunct Chiron and squaring Saturn.  When Mars aspects Saturn, we get a karmic block.  For many twin flames, you are going to feel like a door is being slammed closed.  You thought you were making progress, then it appears as thought the universe is taking it all away.  This is especially true if they are making aspects to your natal Mars or Saturn.  You will feel blocked and restricted at some level.

This is where you must bring down the energy of Chiron, which is conjunct Mars.  Chiron represents the soul wound you are carrying.  You need to heal that soul wound before Saturn lets you move forward.  Saturn will not let you miss any steps to your destiny.  You have to heal.  Purging is very likely as you attempt to clear your patterns.  These are deeply ingrained past life patterns; such as trust, faith and self love.

Sounds pretty bad, huh?  Yet, Chiron is forming an inconjunction with Jupiter.  Use this energy to tap into the big picture.  From here, you can view all your timelines, or your other dimensional realities.  This will allow you to purge and heal the karma.  Remember, asteroid Karma is retrograde, too.  From the bigger picture, you’ll see that this closed door is not what it appears.  You are simply being guided around to another way.  Look for an open window.

Saturn wants you to let go.  Mars wants to force things but Saturn says no.  Saturn is Father Time, it’s going to happen when he says and not before.  Let go of your expectation of how things are manifesting while staying in faith.  Look closer and you will know all is not has it appears.

Remember how I’ve been talking about how things are going to come to you in ways you don’t expect?  That it will “appear” as though things are going backwards and getting lost?  You are in the thick of that now. Stay focused and believe in your destiny.  The universe truly is manifesting your desires but it is happening in a way that works for EVERYONE involved AND raises the consciousness of the planet.  All in divine time.

For more information watch my Energy Report for January 11, 2017.

Marla x



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