Asteroid Oracle for May 3, 2017 Testing Your Faith

The energy has been quite intense and today is more of the same. We are in a big testing period. There is a yod, also called a finger of God, happening today. Yods create fated events, hence the name. This one involves the Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, both of which are quincunx Jupiter in Libra.

Jupiter is the focus of the energy. He is retrograde right now, asking everyone to seriously consider their relationships and if you are being your truth with others? Jupiter is also our faith. The Sun in Taurus is our ego. The ego right now is afraid to let go. Afraid to open up the heart. The ego is worrying about the material world, money, possessions and self preservation. The Sun in Taurus is not eager for change. Neptune in Pisces wants love and transcendence. It wants to leave the material behind. Neptune represents what we can’t see. How to balance these?

The universe is showing you that your ego’s (Sun) identification with the material world (Taurus) needs to find balance with your soul (Neptune) in the spiritual world (Pisces) so that you can be your truth (Jupiter) in relationships (Libra).

If these energies aren’t balanced they can play out in some very negative ways. You might be feeling very confused about relationships, like everything is a big fantasy. You could be asking yourself if you imagined everything. You could be feeling let down, deflated, tearful. Wanting to escape through possessions or using your senses; such as food, music or sex. You might question your self worth and give others your power.

This is a great aspect for creating big spiritual ego’s, too. Especially with Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune and trine Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Uranus. This can make people want to fight for their cause or their beliefs and get very aggressive about it because they are going to believe they are right and nothing you can say can change their mind. Or they feel the need to fight you on your beliefs. They feel they have to speak their truth and can be self-righteous. People can get carried away in this energy for sure.

Many people are out there right now giving their opinions and that is what they are, opinions. This is how your faith is being tested. There is much confusion due to Neptune. This is where you have to look at your own beliefs. Are you giving your power away to others? Do you just go along with whatever someone else is saying or do you use your own discernment?

Mercury goes direct today conjunct Uranus and forming a grand trine with Saturn and the Moon in Leo. This is an opportunity to change your thought patterns if you don’t allow yourself to fall back into fear. This is going to help you discern what your truth is.

Neptune can make one very sad and emotional so if you are feeling that or being triggered take some time to recenter yourself. Know that this is just a necessary phase in our evolution. I am being told by my higher self that everything is right on schedule. No need to worry about anything but to stay in the heart and have total faith that the hand of God is working in our favor.

3 Comments on “Asteroid Oracle for May 3, 2017 Testing Your Faith”

  1. I am wondering with twin flame energies coming together, what impact does this have on other romantic relationships in other timelines?

    1. The reason I ask is I feel interference and sabatoge attempts with my current relationship that feels as if it may possibly be from other timeline souls.

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