Asteroid Oracle November 4, 2016

Venus square Chiron and trine Uranus

Venus makes two important aspects today. First, she squares Chiron. Chiron represents the soul wounds that we carry from incarnation to incarnation. This wound is what we are healing in order to move into unconditional love. Venus in hard aspect to Chiron is bringing up what you need to release in order to reach unconditional love.

The Sabian for Venus is “A Chinese laundry”. You can be washed clean of a stain you have been carrying. The Sabian for Chiron is, “A prophet bringing down new law from the mountain.” Chiron is supporting this release and opening the door to something new. The old “law” no longer applies.

At the same time, Venus will trine Uranus. Uranus is sitting on one of my favorite Sabian symbols, “A gate opens to the garden of all fulfilled desires.” This is a clear message that you are being supported to release the past so you can move towards your future. A future in which all your desires can be fulfilled and truly, nothing is impossible with Uranus.

The Sabian describes a gate being opened. You are being offered something that was once blocked from you remboursement du viagra. What is the “gate” for you? Is it some belief that you had? You are only ever blocked by yourself. I think the message here is for you to push open that gate. What you thought was unobtainable is not being withheld from you at all. Stop seeing your union as something that is not available, not obtainable or something that you aren’t ready for. Believe it is there. You are not waiting for union, your union is waiting for you.

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