Asteroid Oracle: Pluto Stations Retrograde and Karma Goes Direct

There is so much going on in the sky right now. Everyone is going through a major transformation so be patient with yourself and with others right now. The message for us all is to just relax. The energy is very intense. All that needs to be done is rest and reflect. Mercury is retrograde remember? Divine timing is at work on every level.

This is especially true for those that carry divine feminine energy. Just be love. Your energy is needed to balance the divine masculine right now as many are going through their awakening process. They held space for you and now you are required to hold space for them. Spending time alone in sacred space is a must for you. All you need to do is open to receiving the blessings that you have worked hard for. No pushing needed!

Pluto has been stationed and is ready to officially go retrograde tomorrow. Pluto is the planet that rules our shadow side, the things we want to hide and our power. Power is going to be a primary theme for next few months.

For the masculine, Pluto retrograde is going to encourage you to confront your shadow. Many haven’t wanted to confront this but soon you will have no choice. This is going to bring up a lot of heartbreak for you. Too many of you have been numbing yourself and hiding behind walls, refusing to see that you have any wounds. You can’t move forward until this is felt and cleared.

Also for the masculine, Pluto retrograde will help you find your power. This means more solar plexus activations and recalibration. You will need to make time and space for yourself, too, as you go through this shift. This is about you learning how to use your power in a balanced way.

For the feminine, Pluto retrograde may require that you confront some of your deeper fears. One such fear being the wound of abandonment. Pluto is the planet that forces us to let go. You are asked to let go of the divine masculine and give them space. Is this release triggering your darkest fear?

Many of the feminine have a past life wound that is the belief that if they remove themselves from the masculine, the masculine will forget about them. If you haven’t address this fear yet, please do so before Venus leaves her shadow. Venus retrograde teaches us that divine union is a spiritual connection. It’s always there. You don’t need to control it.

Surely, you must have learned by now that you can’t control this? There is nothing you can do or say or prove to the masculine that is going to wake them up. You can’t give a message that the other person is not willing to hear. That will be the work of God/Goddess so give the reins to them. You don’t need to be around for this part. The masculine requests to do this alone. If you persist in trying, it will only bring frustration and anger to you at a time when what they need from you is balance and compassion. It’s up to you to now trust 100% in your union and your twin flame. The great mother, Isis is traveling with Venus right now to assist the divine feminine in their strength.

Asteroid Karma stations direct on the 19th, conjunct the North Node and aspecting the Sun, Mercury and Venus. You’ve cleared a lot of karma over this retrograde and in some respects the baton is now being handed to Mercury Retrograde to finish off.

You have released so much and this has created a space that is now allowing good karmic rewards to be grounded in this dimension. The new energy is coming in fast and it’s flowing from your spiritual union. You really deserve these rewards but now is not the time to give up. Focus on staying open to what your union is manifesting even if you aren’t understanding the process.

Lastly, DNA upgrades are here. These will continue to get more intense. I’m seeing the peak days around the 25-26. The old being released is often felt through the chakras so don’t panic if you are feeling that. I will share with you what I have been experiencing the last couple days. My body has been vibrating a lot. It’s like I am being vibrated or shaken very hard (think like a jack hammer). This feels like it’s loosening everything inside me so that it can be shifted and reassembled.

These upgrades have to do with embodying Christ-consciousness so you are likely to feel the crown chakra being activated. I talked about that in my latest video energy report. Heart chakras are possible too.

One more note, I’ve seen a few people posting that they were disappointed because they didn’t hear anything from their twin flame on the day Venus went direct. Astrology doesn’t work that way. There is a build up and separation with astrology aspects. The whole point of the Venus retrograde was for you to learn that union is within and separation is an illusion. All twin flames are not going to come together on the same day, either. Yes, we share a collective energy but everyone has their own timelines. This is definitely not the time to set yourself up with a lot of expectations but free yourself completely. Unlimited possibilities are unfolding before you.

Marla Kelly, Intuitive Astrologer
April 19, 2017

11 Comments on “Asteroid Oracle: Pluto Stations Retrograde and Karma Goes Direct”

  1. Lotsa Love to the Gracious Goddess <3 <3 <3
    Thanku for enlightening the path ahead.This really hepls 🙂
    Thanku. _/\_

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  3. Thank you so so much Marla. It almost feels like I’ll the need the rest of my Life to get over this, this time in the process. No one understands the pain. It’s not so much the fears, it’s the pain – and that’s just the pain I’ve chosen to face/feel. To contemplate the rest of the pain unfelt/unfaced is like to imagine plumbing under the Earth’s surface hundreds of miles, each mile another wound to face, one tear at a time, one groan at a time. I thought once that my faith was unshakable. Now, I am made up of and have walked upon something beyond Faith, and even that is not absolute. Rest isn’t a luxury anymore, it’s a tool for survival. Sweet Dreams Marla.

    1. It’s difficult when we have to go through especially difficult periods of transformation but I assure you that when you come out the other side, you will be so grateful for facing that pain and releasing it from your soul once and for all. You may think that some of your buried pain and fear is not causing you any harm but it is. It’s stopping you from fully embracing life.

  4. This information is very important for our evolution and tranquility.
    Very powerful knowledge …!
    Thank you so much Marla…!

  5. Honestly I cannot imagine going through this process without your words and guidance. Even with your words and guidance this process is so difficult and painful. I am very grateful to you Marla and all the supportive and loving energies assisting us.

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