Asteroid Oracle: Saturn Retrograde 2017

We have four planets shifting direction in April; Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Up first is Saturn who turns on April 6 EST time. Saturn represents karma, time, authority, and life path. Nothing happens in our lives without Saturn’s approval. He makes sure the works been done and the timing is right.

He stations at 28 Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol is “A splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages, still spans the beautiful and wildly primitive stream.” Saturn, along with Chiron, has been grounding the third energy being created by the 5D twin flame unions. The retrograde is going to strengthen this. This Sabian is telling us that Saturn, again we must include Chiron here, is the bridge between the dimensions and the past. Saturn, as Father Time, also rules over our karma and past lives.

I’ve been discussing the swirling energies of the multiple dimensions for some time now. Saturn is going to be slowing that energy down and allowing it to fix to Gaia. I’m seeing a plane coming in for a landing and it’s as if the thrusters are thrown into reverse motion. Whatever you have personally been creating with your twin is getting ready to manifest between now and the end of August when Saturn goes direct, which also coincides with eclipse season. There is cause to celebrate now as the energies are aligning.

He stations in trine to Uranus. This is assisting the downloading of the energy and creating the “bridge” between the old and new energy. Many having been feeling this energy building all week with Saturn’s station.

As I already mentioned, Saturn rules over our karma and our life path. He makes sure we are doing our soul work and will block us from moving forward until that work is complete. Some interesting aspects happening as the shift occurs is asteroid Karma, also retrograde, is not only conjunct the North Node (life path) but they are at the exact same degree to the minute, 2’39 Virgo! The Sabian there is “Two guardian angels bringing protection.” A clear sign that this retrograde will help us wrap up any karma that is stopping us from going to the next step of our life path. The asteroid Destinn, is also crossing the Aries point, showing something destined is being manifested.

Of course, Saturn is square Venus in retrograde who is now conjunct Chiron, too, in Pisces. Those spiritual energies of sacred union are going to get grounded! This energy isn’t likely to feel to good right now though. You and your twin are likely dealing with some serious karmic situations, clearing out the old to make room for the new. The best advice I can give you is let things go. Surrender, over and over, to whatever is coming your way right now, trusting it is all part of the universal plan.

For the feminine energy, Saturn Retrograde is calling you to your purpose. Right now, that purpose is living in your heart center. Literally, all you need to do right now is be love! Live your life through your heart. Be open and receptive. Make time for yourself. Put yourself first. Be clear about what you want.

For the masculine, you are going to be getting in touch with your true self. You will find your truth. This is part of your shift to fully embracing your life purpose. What makes you happy? What inspires you? What feeds your soul? This is going to be what your purpose is around. Perhaps you don’t have clarity of what this is? Soon you will. You can’t hide from yourself any more.

Truths are going to be revealed, both internally and externally. You need to see what it is that needs to clear. Look at everything with discernment right now and trust your intuition. Remember the two guardian angels from the Sabian? You will be guided to what you need to see. All with the purpose of moving you forward.

Saturn doesn’t play around. Do not resist the lessons of Saturn and things will go easier.

This is not related to Saturn but I am feeling that physical upgrades to our DNA are likely to start happening more intensely over the next week or two. These changes are assisting the physical twin unions. Take care of yourself, drink water, salt baths, all the usually. This is an intense month!

As a side note, I have moved but my internet isn’t working and I have no idea when it’s going to be fixed. My phone is also having issues. Mercury retrograde is already hassling me, lol. This is delaying my reading schedule but I am working to get everyone sorted. This is also why I haven’t posted my video as promised. I hope to get that out soon! Answering messages is proving challenging as well. I’ll try and post updates when I can.

Marla Kelly@Twinstrology

Image: Saturn Conquered by Amor, Venus and Hope by Simon Vouet

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  2. I loved your article on Saturn RX and am moved to tears. I miss your guidance and hope your next transmission is soon; Mercury decrees it is so! Thank you, Marla.

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