Asteroid Oracle: Venus Crosses the Aries Point

“A woman has risen out of the ocean…” (Sabian symbol for 1 Aries). Venus makes her third crossing of the Aries point this morning. Venus herself was said to have arisen out of the sea foam after Saturn castrated Uranus and his semen fell into the sea.

You have completed much spiritual work during this Venus Rx cycle. You’ve healed much. This cycle now shifts and that which was formed in the ethers, now begins to show up in your 3d reality. Do not ask how this manifestation will show up in your life, simply get ready to receive it. Whatever comes is your destiny. Accept it.

Much of what you have cleared was to help you release resistance. Change will occur. Resistance will only slow down your process. What you have sown you shall reap.

It’s a good idea to take time to reflect. Many will be tested to see if you can rise above the fear, doubt and anger. Accept it and then release it. This shadow side is in all of us. To try to ignore it or fight it will only create more resistance.

Mercury retrograde is conjunct Uranus which can help you see and shift old patterns. Some of you have an opportunity to experience a major shift in an area you have been working on.

There is a new beginning raining down for many. I’m being shown the Ace of Cups. It reminds me of an article I channeled on separation last year, in which I was shown the anology that the 3d dimension is like a drop of water, the fourth a cup, the 5th a swimming pool, the 6th a lake and so on. If we take the drop in 3d and add it to the 4d, it makes no change. But if we take the sea of water from the higher dimensions and bring it down, it becomes a tidal wave of energy.

You can not create a sacred union from the lower dimensions and try to raise the relationship to the higher dimensions. It must start in the higher dimensions and come down. The analogy that I was shown makes so much more sense now. This is what is occurring. The powerful waves from the higher dimensions are coming down. Some is already grounded and beginning to manifest but it will continue to come down. Twin flames will reunite over many years. This is only the beginning.

Your job, to make sure your cup is empty. Give this energy a place to grow and blossom in your life. If you are holding on to the past, where will this energy go? A cup that is filled cannot accept anymore. Allow yourself to become an empty vessel and watch the enfoldment of the universe filling it with love and abundance.

Marla Kelly, Intuitive Astrologer@Twinstrology
March 28, 2017
Artwork: Birth of Venus by Botticelli

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