Beltane Sacred Union Tarot May 1-14, 2018

The DF is clearing abandonment issues while the DM continues to grow in power. As both grow in their ability the manifest, the pressure is on to clear old patterns that are not in alignment with what you truly want in your life. DF take time to rest as incoming frequencies are upgrading/downloading. The DM is integrating more of their feminine energy, increasing their creative and intuitive abilities. The DM is fully committed to this journey! Sorry for the sound quality issues.

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Blessed Beltane to you all! Has the god and goddess join to bring fertility to the earth, I pray each of you joins in union with your Beloved!

6 Comments on “Beltane Sacred Union Tarot May 1-14, 2018”

  1. My twinflame died this past weekend… a massive heart attack… he was married.
    no words to discribe the pain
    sometimes I feel a lot of peace…. sometimes I feel comforted.
    But the ilusion of a having something together in the 3erd dimension is gone.
    it has break my heart in millions of pieces. I feel like orphan.
    I also feel like an outcast because I can mourn him socially. I’m married too
    I ve been following U since 3 years. I’m lost… completely lost

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