Bringing Back the Divine Feminine

I mentioned in my weekly energy report that this was a week of healing the masculine energy. As part of that healing, many women will be called to open some very painful soul memories regarding their treatment at the hands of the masculine. The planetary retrograde energy is asking us to face and purge this from our souls so we can move forward. This may include finally seeing the connection between all the men in your life and how they have negatively impacted you. Memories from previous lifetimes may surface. You may discover long repressed feelings of fear and anger that need to be vented as memories surface of being abused, controlled and devalued.

This is a real turning point for us. Facing and releasing these repressed feelings will show us there is no longer anything to fear. We are free. Finally, WE control our own destiny. We do this not by becoming more masculine and trying to over power them but by opening fully to the divine feminine energy. When we release the fear and step into our true selves, we will create a major shift in the energy. Many of you may be surprised to discover the extent of your fears and anger at the masculine and how this has been blocking you from fully opening your hearts and standing in your authentic power.

At the same time, we must forgive the masculine energy. They carry a heavy karmic burden for what has happened. Many men carry their own large, subconscious blocks for injustices carried out by them or for not speaking out to stop others. Sending the masculine forgiveness will allow them to fully open to their own true divine natures. Many will be called to protect the feminine through this shift but understand they are dealing with their own fears that we seek to punish them or strip them of their own self worth. We are called to move forward as equals now. We must each reach out our hand in good faith.

This is going to be a very challenging time because not only are we dealing with these soul wounds but we will likely be tested over the next three months by being called on to gently but firmly stand up against those who will want to push us back “into our place”. You must stand strong, know your own value and not let anyone else take that away from you.

My guides have told me to call upon Isis, our Great Mother, to help us forgive and release. The Great Mother loves both her sons and daughters equally and will help us balance the energy. This is a very emotional time for all. Be very gentle and nurturing to yourselves at this time. Reach out to others if the energy becomes to much for you. Remember, male or female, we are all one.

(As a very telling adjunct to this, when I googled “Isis” to find an image, all that came up were pictures of soldiers, war and violence.)

Written by Marla Kelly, April 25, 2016

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