“Queen of His Heart”

It feels so long ago, yet time does repeat, Where feet of today do still tread the streets, In a sacred place that is surprisingly near, And eyes still look upon that place held so dear. There a man enthroned the queen of his romantic heart, Thus forever recognizing her as his heaven sent counter-part. Twice did he coronate her … Read More

How Long…

How long can you hide, from what is within you? How long can you avoid what you know is true? How long can you resist that which your soul longs for? How long will you neglect the calling of your heart? How much longer will you ignore that which you are? When you let the blinders fall away, ego can … Read More


There was a time when I thought you were perfect. You occupied a Mt Everest sized pedestal.  I would gaze up at you from down below, through clouds that obstructed my view.  I could no more see a flaw in you than I could see imperfection in an Angel in heaven.  Unworthiness kept me from speaking a word.  Fear held … Read More

Meet Me In The 5th Dimension

Meet me in the ethers Where time and space collapse. You know the way to travel there For your heart has all the maps. Our energy is always there my love No need to ever be alone. Let the light into your heart And the way to me is shown. Though a part of us always resides there We can … Read More

You’re Safe With Me

If there’s one thing that I could say, It would be that you’re safe with me. I cannot promise that I’ll never say something That doesn’t cut you to the core I’m your reflection, so I must send back that which needs to heal But I will hold your hand as you do I’ll remind you that it’s just a … Read More

My Apollo

High and bright as the Sun, you illuminate hidden places. Show me there is light in darkness, my Apollo. That there is acceptance of every secret fear. In your brilliance, nothing but love can exist. I feel your energy within, it permeates me to the very core, like the heat of a lovers embrace. Your light heals me from the … Read More

Vows Unbroken

Long ago we made a vow, that we would always trust one another. We knew what lay ahead of us for in that time,  nothing was hidden from our knowing. Not the hard times or the challenges. The vow was to remind us of the love we shared. That vow has been my solace. During wars, marriages and endless separations. … Read More

“The Inevitable”

Like a stone skipping across a pond, my love for you is a ripple in time that spreads across worlds. It is there, awake and alive in every plane of existence.  Feel it and you shall find your way back to me.  Here and now the dimensions are aligning.  The ripple is becoming a tidal wave.  Silently, subtly merging into … Read More

Pure Love

Ours is the purest love of all It shines a light in the dark, not just for you and I but on the World it leaves its mark! Do not let your ego taint it by telling you it’s wrong. If it wasn’t meant to be would you feel it so strong? Would you feel your Beloved not only in … Read More

Ancient Memories

We are so different, I wear the softest buckskin, You wear a breastplate of armor. I lead you deep into the forest beside the river. My spirit beckons you to be free and playful. We chase each other and laugh. We reach a clearing on a hill, my sacred space. Suddenly, we become solemn and hold hands. As we look … Read More