Channeled Message from Chiron About Heart Break

Channeled on July 29, 2017 when Venus was square Chiron

Yes, it hurts. Sometimes it’s agony. Suddenly you remember something said to you. Though it was said so casually the words stick in your mind and the barbs stick in your heart.

You remember the time you felt rejected.

You love someone so much but they choose to be with another.

All you want to do is put up a wall. Too shut down. To somehow stop the pain. To close down your heart.
There is nothing more frightening than to stay centered in a place of love with someone that is not open to you.

What if they don’t care?

What if they hurt me again?

What if they never return?

Will this pain go on and on forever?

I can’t allow that you say. I can’t go through that you say. It’s too much. It’s too scary. I have to stop. I have no choice but to shut down.

Let me tell you something. The heart is a muscle. What do bodybuilders do? They tear down their muscle, over and over again and what happens? The muscle grows. It gets bigger and stronger. It can take more and more weight each time.
It is the same with your heart. Your heart can actually take much more than you think. And when it breaks, completely and utterly, that is when you know that you are healing. Each time it’s stronger. Each time more love is able to actually enter because you have removed a piece of the wall that was blocking it.

It’s actually that wall that creates part of the pain. Your heart is trying to expand with love but it can only grow so much and then it is squeezed up against this wall. You won’t allow it to have the space it needs because of fear. So it’s too big for the small space it’s in.

I will tell you something else. Not only is the heart meant to grow but you are, too! Now if you decide to shut down your heart, you will not grow. You will stay on this timeline, in this current space and there is quite a chance that love will not find you here because true love requires vast amounts of growth.

But if you take a risk. A very calculated risk, I might add, and remove the wall, what will happen? You heart will grow and you will grow, too! And this growth, this shift, will allow you to jump to another timeline, one where it is easier for true love to find you.

But you must face the pain now. You must accept that it is there and open your heart anyway. Perhaps open your heart because of it. Sit with the pain a while. It won’t kill you even though it feels as though it might. We learn and we grow from the pain life brings. From the pain love brings. Allow it to be there.

We cannot escape pain in our life but I promise that it is temporary. It will come and it will go. The more your heart awakens the less it will come. The more you grow the less it will come. The more you love, the less it will come because love is also the greatest healer.

With love, you either must be all in or all out. You can choose to embrace it and push past the pain threshold or you hide from love. But let me ask you this? There you sit with your wall up. Does your heart still ache? Yes! Yes, it does. Either way you will experience heartache. You are protecting nothing. It is all an illusion of your ego. Then why would you not take the one risk that might actually bring you what you most desire?

Channeled by Marla Kelly
July 29, 2017

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  1. Gosh, that explains so much… Thank you for this! Thank goodness all is well again now. But it was bad, in capitals!

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