A Channeled Message for the Divine Masculine

I’m strongly hearing your call today, brothers. This is such a difficult time for those of you that are still in the process of shifting fully into your divine masculine power. Many of you are on the precipice of great change in your life, but at this moment, little seems clear to you. You are in essence, trapped between two worlds.

You are tired of being put into a box. Told that there is only one way to be a man. Yet, you are afraid to speak up or change because of fears that you will be criticized. Perhaps what you are feeling is the opposite of how you have been taught a man behaves.

Much that you are facing is similar to what the divine feminine has already had to overcome. Being authentic means having to ruffle the feathers of those that will adhere to the old ways, something you may not feel ready to do, but inside, you are bursting with new ideas of how things could be. You are very much torn right now between hanging on to the old ways or making the leap to the new.

This message is tied into what is happening astrologically. The Nodes of Destiny have been on the 12th degree of Virgo/Pisces since August 1, 2016 but that is going to shift today. You are very strongly feeling this energy right now though as it is imperative that this message gets through to you.

The Sabian symbols for the North Node (your current direction in life) is, “A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria.” The South Node (past incarnations, karma) is on, “A sword, used in many battles, is now in a museum.”

I have been very interested in these Sabians symbols because the of the extended period of time this degree has been activiated, including through three eclipses, and the current political climate. At first, I felt that this was a sign that a new person would be born out of this very challenging US Presidential Election. That some unforeseen event, would cause a new politician to rise up and take charge. While I am still feeling that is a possibility, another meaning has become clear to me.

The new statesman is ALL of YOU. The most powerful divine masculine codes to date have been flooding the planet since August 1st. As more of you become empowered in your authentic selves, you will change much more than you currently realize.

The past energy, the sword, is a sign that you will be the ones to shift the old patriarchy. The sword, both a phallic and warrior symbol, is being put away for good. You are being called to put an end to the violence, as well as sexual dominance over the feminine. By this I don’t mean you will be emasculated, quite the opposite.  You will become so in tune with your masculine sexual energy that you will see clearly your own power and virility.  You will suddenly recognize that the current paradigm does not honor you for you will be the ones to change the world, not through power trips and ego, but through your words, your honorably actions and most especially, your hearts.

Currently, the old patriarchy is rearing its head with a vengeance in an attempt to prevent you from doing what you know is right in your heart. Astrologically, this is Saturn (authority, power) squaring the Nodes of Destiny. Saturn is on the Sabian, “A widows past is brought to light.” Saturn will also shift degrees later today. This Sabian is about freeing yourself from the past. Taking what was once dark and hidden, here the plight of the divine feminine, and transmuting it to light. The old paradigm wants to intimidate you, to pull you back toward the old ways of “being a man”. To separate you once again from your divine feminine counterpart. Internally, you are struggling with letting yourself be kept in that box a moment longer!

All of you have been undergoing the process of balancing the masculine and feminine energies within you, this has been a very intense process since the Capricorn Full Moon in July.  When the masculine and feminine is balanced internally, external imbalances will feel uncomfortable for you.  Some of you may have also been unlocking more of your spiritual knowledge and gifts over the last few months.  This is the divine feminine energy opening in you.

Your mind has been running around in circles recently. The message from the Goddess is to get quiet and go within. You must take time for you right now. Get quiet and close your eyes. In the stillness you will feel the arms of the divine feminine enveloping you. This is where your truth lies.  Here is where you will feel the knowing in your heart.  The Goddess says to you, that the true divine feminine energy does not want to be at odds with you, she does not want to control you or reprimand you. The divine feminine is the stillness that holds you, supports you and patiently waits for you to take your proper place as her equal partner. This is how it has been intended since the beginning of time.

Channeled by Marla Kelly on October 17, 2016

Information on the Sabian symbols from “360 Degrees of Wisdom” by Lynda Hill

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