Channeled Message from the Council of Light

Dear Ones,

Peace is the answer to every issue at this time and it’s cultivation is necessary as you ease into this new reality. It’s safe for you to surrender to the changes. Though all has not been revealed to you yet and it may feel as though a storm is at hand, there is a rainbow on the horizon.

Bring the light into your body every day, either literally by being in the sun or connect to thecrystalline grid during meditation. Clear your energy several times during the day. Spend time doing what makes you happy. Be aware of your energy throughout the day. If you find that you are not at peace, change your circumstances until you find it.

Have compassion for those around you. There is no need to invest too heavily in other peoples experiences. Illusions of separation are falling away and it is easier than ever to step out of that which is not in alignment with you. Leave the details of the shift to us as it has already been ordained.

Love is a powerful force and to feel and share love brings a sense of peace, opens the heart and helps to elevate the collective vibration while fear and conflict add to the overall discord. It can be a time of extremes but if a sense of inner peace is cultivated, the many facets of everyones experience are seen, integrated and harmonized, returning the self to a state of balance relatively quickly.

Do not listen to the ego which still expects to attach to the rubble of the old reality. It may not have caught up to the new but it will in time. Find the I AM presence within. It is most easily found in the state of peace.  

“Fear not for I am with thee.” 

I AM that I AM.

The Council of Light


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