Chiron in Aries: Shifting Into New Earth

On April 17, 2018, Chiron will leave Pisces, where he has been since 2010, and enter Aries. While Chiron was in Pisces we were exploring the spiritual realm, our mystical abilities and our multidimensionality. We healed ourselves on many levels and we began restoring the divine feminine energy. Now has Chiron shifts into Aries, we begin to create the new Earth in a more tangible form, as this shift takes us away from the spiritual realm and into a grounded reality. This is the birthing process that many have been waiting for. This will be happening in our own lives, too, and after Chiron makes this shift, we will begin seeing our ability to manifest our reality become faster. For the rest of this year, Chiron will assist us in grounding the new reality. December saw the rebirth of the divine masculine and with Chiron in Aries, our masculine energy will become more empowered as well as find a balance with the divine feminine, also helping us manifest and become our authentic selves. We will fully claim our spiritual sovereignty! We will deeper our connection to other star systems and peoples, bringing through more galactic knowledge.

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