Choose Love: Twin Flame Energy Report Sagittarius New Moon

The collective energies have been fraught with triggers since the 10/10 gateway.  Twins, please understand that we are in the midst of huge shifting light.  This energy is pushing you to shift your consciousness and if you aren’t in alignment with love, it’s going to activate triggers.  

At the core of the energy is the notion of what I term forbidden love.  It goes by other names; unrequited love, rejection, abandonment.  It’s the belief that we shouldn’t love someone.  It could be because they are already in a relationship or it could be because feeling rejected has lead you to close down your heart.  We have been dealing with multiple aspects of this energy since the Summer Solstice and will feel strong currents of it during the 12/21 Winter Solstice/Eclipse Gateway.

The same day as the Summer Solstice, the planet Neptune went retrograde.  In it’s highest vibration, Neptune is the planet of unconditional love and oneness.  With Neptune we can see through 3D illusions of form to lift the veil of spiritual truth.  Since July, we’ve been asked to go within and shift our perceptions to inner union, or really unity because once we shift our perceptions to see union with the “one,” we are ready to understand that we are one with all that is.

Standing in the way of oneness, is the programming and ego fears of abandonment and separation.  In April, Chiron and Venus started a new cycle to assist us with this shift; how to clear past heartbreak in order to claim unconditional love and union.  Shortly after the Summer Solstice, Venus made the first square to Chiron; how do your emotional triggers and inner child wounds prevent you from being unconditional love?  September 17, Venus opposed Chiron; how do your beliefs about relationships stop you from opening your heart to unconditional love and union?

November 27, the day after the New Moon, Venus makes the second square to Chiron; how has judgment by others and self judgment prevented you from being open to love and union?  How has the judgment of self and others made you feel that love was forbidden to you, either because of some societal convention or just because judgment has made you feel unlovable?  Venus/Chiron aspects trigger the core wound of abandonments in order to cleanse it!  Don’t resist the healing.

There is a lot of separations happening at the moment as well as energetic polarities being exposed between twin flame currently in order to expose the false beliefs of separation.  We have a tendencies to say the words union, unity and one love but the moment a test comes then consciousness falls right back into separation.  

We are preparing to make some real headway in releasing this energy so really focus on how you keep getting pulled back into the ego.  In order for this to happen, we need to stop pointing the finger at our twin flame and start really looking in the mirror.  Your twin flame can’t save you or make you whole and vice versa.  We have to find the love within ourselves and the masculine/feminine balance.  The twin has to do this, too, and in doing so they may require some experiences that you don’t like or that make you feel abandoned.  We have to let them experience whatever they need and make peace with it.

Neptune is going direct on November 27, as well.  He is already stationed for the shift so many are going to feel the pressure of that.  You may feel emotional, tired yet unable to sleep because of downloads, strange dreams, clarity may not be very strong right now.  When he starts moving forward again, things will become clearer.  You may feel ready to start or continue with creative projects that have been on hold. You will likely begin to see how some of your thoughts were not true but based on a projection or illusion.  More people may find themselves getting tested regarding unconditional love.  It will be time to take unity consciousness to another level.  This is all in alignment with the ascension.  

The New Moon is at 4’ Sagittarius and ready to help change old programming in preparation for Decembers shift.  You should already have insight into what needs to go from Mercury Retrograde.  Some of you will feel new anchoring of higher self around this time.  

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and thus the New Moon, is part of the Venus/Chiron square.  Allow Jupiter to help release beliefs that are no longer useful.  As I said, you could find connecting to your higher self is becoming easier.  Jupiter can offer faith and hope if you are in a difficult time.  Jupiter/Venus trine Uranus which is also facilitating change and truth. 

Even if you find yourself dealing with some uncomfortable energy, focus on seeing a higher perspective.  If you are closing down your heart to your twin flame, for whatever reason, then you are blocking not only union, but unity consciousness.  Many want to share the painful experiences, the abandonment, the anger.  No one would deny that the awakening process tests us to the core, but our job here is to see the light in everyone.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t set boundaries but closing your heart is closing your heart.  You can set boundaries and still be in the space of love.  

If we are here to teach love then we have to become love.  You see the universe doesn’t differentiate what the reasons might be that keep you in resistance to love because the universe sees us as one.  The challenge is can WE see ourselves as one? We can’t be victims to another and divine beings of light at the same time.      

Look at the image with this article.  Around the heart there are different words…fear, despair, hopelessness, pain or hope, desire, passion, change, together.  You all know that fear is the opposite of love.  It isn’t going to just happen.  Love is a choice.  One that must be made every day regardless of external circumstance, even if it means exposing vulnerability, letting go or changing.  You have to choose it and then be persistent in continuing to choose it over your fear.  

What will you choose?

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  1. I’m always amazed how accurate your postings are ! It’s so helpful to know we’re not alone. I’ve been feeling abandoned, rejected, etc. , ironically my twin has been communicating more, and I keep wanting more and have felt very dissatisfied with our connection. Last year we weren’t communicating in the 3D at all and I was a lot more hopeful! What is that all about ? I’m resisting love and the closer he’s getting in the 3D the more I’m not feeling worthy and fear is coming up. Thank you Marla for helping me to understand what’s happening. ?

  2. Well, things have shifted in a direction I could never ever have imagined. I moved to another country two weeks ago (intended to be here for a month or two, now looking for a place to live). And I fell in love… with the country, but also… with a very sweet, very young (haha), Scottish beautiful guy. We are just in the beginning stages of something we both don’t understand. My TF (journey) taught me to be patient and take things very slow. I just can’t believe what is happening. And yes, I still love my TF so much, so deeply. But I am enjoying this new path fully. Don’t know what the future will bring. I only feel love. For the new man in my life, for my Beloved twin who is in my heart, my soul. But he is less on my mind. And that gives me so much relief and freedom. He chose for a life without me (for now?) and I choose me. I am too beautiful, fun, wise and intelligent to wait for him. Wishing you all openmindedness. Life brings you the greatest, unexpected, precious pleasures.

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  4. How incredibile on time when things feel so shaky right now for external appearance. In my heart deep down i feel the storm eye balace and love healing me and covering me up. You are so precious soul. I already feel recovering in hope.

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