Clearing with Ho’oponopono

This is the second video in my energy clearing and karma releasing series. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian technique that uses a mantra to foster forgiveness and reconciliation with another. This is a practice that can help you clear karma and shift timelines.

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One Comment on “Clearing with Ho’oponopono”

  1. I wrote a letter to you my friend
    So many letters that I never send
    I think about you at the day’s end
    The time that we had
    I laughed in my bed
    The stupid things you said
    We were two birds of paradise
    When I was a little girl
    With clay horses and lambs on the shelf
    I caught frogs in ditches, listened for elves
    My friends and I had a world unto ourselves
    No grownups could find us when we
    Made our plans so secretly
    To run away and fly to be
    With the two birds of paradise
    Now once upon a time my mind still there wanders
    Back in the room the things I remember
    One time when we took off our clothes
    But you were cryin’, cryin’
    You said nothing lasts forever
    We were happy together

    I thought about you in Stockholm and Rome
    Me in my hotel room
    You in your home
    This is the life they say that
    Dreams are made of
    Don’t forget
    Please do forgive me
    I still have something you did give me
    Come into my dream with me and dream

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