Dear Divine Masculine…

Let us heal the past. In your heart, you always believed that you were doing the right thing. I see that now. I used to believe that you were running away. That you didn’t care. That you were cold and heartless to leave me but now I see that it hurt you, too. You weren’t abandoning me, you were protecting me. Sometimes you felt powerless and were struggling with your own fears. It took sacrifice on your part. You truly thought I’d just get over you and move on. How can I fault you for doing what you thought was best for me and acting with love? Now that we are one, I see your perspective much clearer. I forgive you. I am allowing myself to release my pain and anger over the past. Can you forgive me for not seeing your true intent and allow trust to be restored between us once again? We can stop repeating this pain cycle and heal every dimension of our existence if we just choose love and forgiveness now.

I love you,
Divine Feminine

Written by Marla Kelly

December 10, 2018

Artwork “God Speed” by EB Leighton

#healingthepast #shiftingthetimelines #trueunion
#onelove #divinemasculineanddivinefemininereunited
#Twinstrology #MarlaKelly


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