Dear Divine Masculine….

I know you want to control everything
but right now you need to trust me.
I know where we are going
and it’s beautiful and free!
I know you want to protect me
You want to guard me from being too open
but that also prevents me tumbling
head first into love with you!
And I need to love you!
It moves through me in waves of passion
so forceful that I can build no walls big enough
to contain it!
There is no choice but to love you,
even when you can’t give back,
even when you fight me,
even when you reject me,
even when you are afraid.
I would still hold you in my arms and comfort you.
I have surrendered
And you will, too.
We are one with god.
Sanctioned by heaven itself.
What is there to fear?
What is there to hold back?
Let down your walls
Be your beautiful self.
I will crown you with love.
Take my hand in ecstatic union.
Do not fear repercussions from the World,
for the World will bow to our love.

In eternal union,
Divine feminine

Written by Marla Kelly

June 5, 2018-All Rights Reserved

Artwork by Elinor Brickdale 1870

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