DF Stay Balanced As DM Is Shifting

The DM is facing their shadow and patterns as we move through this Sagittarius Stargate and many DF are feeling this energy within their connection and from their inner DM. Don’t let this clearing and healing take your focus away from your inner DF energy and what you KNOW in your HEART. This is an opportunity to drop the old patterns and create a new pathway of LOVE.

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One Comment on “DF Stay Balanced As DM Is Shifting”

  1. It is highly imperative that Beloveds realize that they are highly powerful beings making a difference every moment with their thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions. To however consciously act as one makes more difference than ever …realise every limiting thoughts, based on whatever belief. Stand on this fact that you are powerful. That’s what your Beloved was here to remind you of more than anything, your power is needed to uplift an entire planet and its habitants. If waiting on your Beloved moves you from this perspective, then forget waiting all together and be union YOURSELF.

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