Energy Update for August 31, 2017 Shift Is Coming

A shift is coming. Did you think that the solar eclipse was the end? A huge shift is still coming! The eclipse was but one wave of that shift! Are you read to surf these waves? I’ve been looking at the astrology for the next few months as I prepare my Pisces Full Moon report. The astrology is full on for the rest of the year. So many changes up ahead that are assisting everyone with their journeys.

Yes, we are in a void right now and that feels a little uncomfortable but we’ve been here before. It’s important not to fall into old habits of fear. Even though it feels like nothing is happening, underneath the surface we are shifting and manifesting our reality.

I found it interesting that we said goodbye to Louise Hay yesterday as she was instrumental in teaching the collective that what we think, we create. With her passing, many people will be speaking about this and we all need this reminder in the current energy. What are you thinking right now?

I’m seeing way too many posts in the twin flame groups of people hating on their twin. Yes, it’s hard but is that what you really, really want to be putting out there as these timelines are shifting? The Lion’s Gate was about opening our hearts so we could make the most of this energy as it’s through the heart we surrender OUR will and accept the UNIVERSES will.

Do you trust the universe? Right now everything is up in the air but see this as good! When nothing is set in stone every single possibility is open to us. This is what the upcoming full moon is about. Whatever is happening embrace it knowing the universe will take care of everything. No fear required.

Every step of our journey as led us here to this point. You know how to control your vibration, do it now. Focus on love to create a shift toward love.

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