Equinox and September: Union Energy Creating Triggers

Twin flame energy updates for September and the fall equinox. Union energies are coming in strong as the DF and DM continue to balance but instead of feeling the love, many are feeling triggered. As we head towards the equinox, there is a push for the DF to heal feelings of abandonment, distrust, unrequited love and physical beauty. This is important because, just has Isis healed Osiris, the DF energies can heal and activate the DM through unconditional love and pure faith in their love. Stay strong in your belief and intentions because new, and unexpected, ways forward are being aligned. This month is all about clearing because over the next couple months we are raising our vibrations!

If you need assistance with shifting your energy, join us for a weekend of Sacred Union and Ascension work Sept. 27-29 in Niagara Falls, NY. This is an intimate gathering of like minded people coming together to raise vibrations and help you align with your own union. There will be past life work, sacred union activations, DM perspectives, community and more! Details on my homepage!

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Love and Blessings!

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