Eros and Psyche Conjunction August 10, 2017

Three days after the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, on August 10, the asteroids Eros and Psyche form a conjunction at 26 Virgo. The last time they met up was over two years ago. In order to understand how this is affecting twin flames, we need to look at the mythology of this twin flame couple whose names joined literally mean “soul love”.

Psyche was the most beautiful mortal woman. She was so beautiful that people stop paying devotion to Venus, who became quite angry at being outshone by a mortal. She called her son, Eros (known as Cupid by the Romans) to shoot Psyche with one of his famous arrows, tricking her into falling in love with the most horrible of monsters. Upon seeing Psyche, Eros himself fell in love with her and was unable to do his mother’s bidding.

Despite her beauty, Psyche could not find a husband. She was too perfect. Her parents went to see an Oracle of Apollo and were told to dress her in black and leave her on a hilltop where a horrible serpent monster would claim her has his bride.

Her parents did as they were told and left poor Psyche on the mountain, believing she faced certain death. Psyche was picked up by a zephyr and transported to the most marvelous palace where she was given every luxury. Eventually, her husband came to her but only at night and she was not allowed to look upon him. Still, Psyche knew instinctively that he was handsome and kind.

Soon Psyche gets lonely as she is by herself in the palace all day. She asks to see her sisters and Eros reluctantly agrees. Her sisters were very jealous of her wealth and good fortune. They told her lies until she questioned the truth about who her husband actually was. They made her believe he was a monster. They tell her she must look upon him at night and slay the horrible beast.

In the middle of the night, Psyche, in a moment of weakness, holds a lamp up to Eros, intent on stealing a glance. Instead of a monster she sees the most handsome of the gods. In her surprise, she accidentally burned Eros with oil from the lamp. Eros flees in anger because Psyche had lost faith in him.

Psyche appeals to both gods and men for help but no one will assist her in finding Eros. She is forced to seek out Venus herself who is still angry with her. Venus says she will help Psyche get Eros back if she completes several challenges. The challenges are impossible feats.

The first one is to sort tiny seeds but she is helped by ants and gets the job done. Second, she is told to gather golden fleece from some ferocious sheep. She is helped by a reed and told the secret to gathering it. Next, Venus sends her to get water from the water fall of the river Styx. This time an eagle assists her. Lastly, she is sent into the underworld to gather beauty from Persephone. She passes a tower who gives her instruction and again completes the task. In her curiosity she opens the box given to her from Persephone and falls fast asleep where she is found by Eros.

By this time Eros has healed from his wound and realized how much he missed her. They are reunited at last. The gods are so moved by Psyches love and devotion to Eros that they make her an immortal goddess, which also saves her from the further wrath of her mother-in-law.

This myth offers us some parallels with the twin flame journey. First, Eros doesn’t reveal himself to Psyche. Psyche has to have faith that Eros is not the monster she was told she was marrying. It’s the jealousy of her sisters that makes her begin to questions.

The feminine energy has also been asked to have faith in the masculine energy even though he was not showing her who he truly was. In many case’s, the masculine was not being their true self but hiding behind a mask and it was up to the feminine to see through the mask and trust in who she believed her beloved to be. She had to choose between the ego that the masculine was presenting or who she felt him to be in her heart.

Because the masculine was hiding their true feelings, the feminine struggled with maintaining their faith. This part of the story also contains a warning to those that listen to outside influences. People are jealous or do not understand the connection and try to pull the feminine off their course. Part of the lesson the feminine energy has had to learn is to trust and believe in herself enough to follow her own advice and not that of others. Whenever she went against her own judgment it cost her.

In the myth, Eros also runs away. This reminds us of parallels seen with the divine masculine who often appeared to be running away. Eros hides himself and cuts off communication with Psyche. The masculine have had a fear of losing control and that is reflected in Eros’ reaction. He is angry at Psyche but also he was not being honest with her. The feminine for her part, has had trouble staying patient and waiting for the masculine to remove their mask themselves just has Psyche lacked patience. The masculine want to reveal themselves in their own time yet this is a form of controlling the situation.

Regardless, the couple end up separated with Eros in hiding, tending to his wound, while Psyche is desperately seeking a way back to her beloved. Even going to her biggest enemy. Despite the challenges that are set upon her, Psyche doesn’t lose her faith again. She doesn’t get intimidated. The universe responds to her faith by assisting her. Though each challenged seemed impossible, she received a miracle in every case.

In the same way, the feminine energy within the twin flame union has remained faithful to returning back to their beloveds. Many times the feminine has been given challenges that seemed impossible. Overcoming the patriarchy and restoring the feminine energy back into balance with the masculine? Yes, that seemed impossible but the feminine persevered though it all.

Just like Psyche, the feminine energy has followed an unknown and unpredictable path all with the hope of reunion with their loves. It was not an easy path and many times they wanted to give up but finally the feminine has reached their goal. They have achieved balance. They have become their true selves and allowed their souls to take the lead. The name Psyche itself means soul.

Just like Psyche, now that the feminine as achieve their goal it’s time for their reward and this is being reflected in the conjunction of these two asteroids. Like Eros, the masculine has healed enough of their wound that many are willing to come forward, without their masks.

Sure, it’s nice that the feminine is now ready to balance the masculine and achieve reunion but it’s important to remember that Psyche is granted the ambrosia of the gods and made immortal. This is the feminine energy reaching divine status. Those that led the way in the rebirth of the feminine energy know that becoming one with source is what this journey has always been about. Returning to their belief in themselves and knowing they really do have eternal life.

According to astrologer Demetra George, the asteroid Psyche is about achieving a psychically attuned or telepathic bond with a partner. This is the same message that I am getting from my higher-self. This aspect will create an even deeper psychic connection between twin flames. Some have already been experiencing this as well as more levels of soul merging.

Eros represents sexual passion which is another part of creating the psychic connection and soul merging. My intuitive understanding of Eros in this situation for twins, is representing the magnetism and sexual energy between twins that is the foundation of their creative abilities.

Since this conjunction occurs in Virgo, this is a sign that the energy is being grounded in the material realm. Virgo is also the sign of service so it’s likely that what you are manifesting will guide you towards your life purpose.

I am also being shown that this energy will bring a new beginning. Conjunctions begin new cycles. This is bringing in more love and allowing a deeper level of oneself to be exposed.

Prior to the exact conjunction, which happens on August 10, Eros and Psyche will be aspecting by quincunx the South Node, asteroids Union and Valentine. This suggests that fears and karmic wounds from the past will need to be released before this deeper psychic connection happens. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7 opens up the perfect opportunity to let go of the past and prepare to open new doors with the Solar Eclipse on August 21.

Going back to the work of Demetra George, both Psyche and Eros represent enlightened relationship and the path to spiritual awakening through love. Psyche had her challenges to overcome, each one removing layers that kept her from her truest self until she uncovers her divine nature while Eros transforms from being driven by his more animal passions to understand true love and the sacredness of sexual connection.

“So all came to a most happy end. Love and the Soul (for that is what Psyche means) had sought and, after sore trials, found each other; and that union could never be broken.” (Mythology by Edith Hamilton)

Written by Marla Kelly
July 26, 2017

Art Psyche and Cupid by Edward Burne-Jones 1865

23 Comments on “Eros and Psyche Conjunction August 10, 2017”

  1. I’m interested to know more. Where can I find more info? I had an astrology report and was told my sun is in psyche and my galactic center was Valentine. I was told I was definitely on a divine path, astrologically speaking. So this is all very interesting to me. I’ve felt like I was having a TF experience but I’ve struggled with what the truth is.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by Sun in Psyche? Psyche is not a sign. I think you must mean Sun conjunct Psyche? That combination would suggest to mean that you were on the path to finding divine love and also uncovering your true self. Valentine on the Galactic Center might suggest that you have an ability to love in a very other worldly way. The two combined do seem to imply that you are here on the ascension and divine love path. The answer to whether someone is our twin is found in our heart although sometimes we need to go through some of the process of releasing in order to quiet the mind and uncover what the actual truth is there. <3

  2. My twin’s Eros is nearly exact conjunction to my Moon. I’ve read that I am the Moon is the more helpless (hapless) in this combination. Still – I am hoping that we are right on track at for the Psyche /Eros conjunction coming up ( or does it depend more on the position of our natal asteroids to the transiting Psyche/Eros conjunction. Thanks so much for the Mini astrology lesson.

    1. Eros conjunct the Moon in synastry can be really intense. The Moon represents our subconscious and emotions and I feel that the attraction to the Eros person can really unlock aspects of the Moons persons inner world creating a very erotic combination (think sexual fantasy)! This aspect will be affecting everyone but more intense for those that have it making aspect to something in their chart. Thanks!

  3. Marla, I could not be more agree the way you describe our journey and love the way you used Eros and Psyche as an analogy, Love the way you write. Thank you!

  4. Maria, thank you sharing this beautiful story. I have recently been connected to what is rapidly becoming the most important, strongest love I have ever experienceded in this life. What has been cosmically, divinely ordained as an inevitable union on both of our sides (feels like a reunion for both of us). I found several synchronic signs in this very story. The concept of Psyche and Eros is like a mirror of my queen and my love. Her trials on the mountain (my love lives in Montana), the myth that she would wed a horrible serpent monster (I believe that’s a metaphor for the kundalini activation of the union of Twin Souls/Flames. Also, I found some information regarding Galactic Signatures and our collective signature is my unique signature which is Red Magnetic Serpant. She’s an Aquarius which I understand are quite logical Zodiacs, hence Psyche, (also the age we are in), I’ve been getting regular signs that I am being called to her. All in all, this was quite an interesting read. Definitely resonates. Thank you!

  5. Thanks GOD for the internet!! Thanks God for YOU!! <3 If I hadn't learned all about twin flames, if I hadn't found wonderful communities, and also without your wonderful site, I'd have gone MAD. Around me nobody understands what I'm going through.

    I've been struggling with so much doubt,
    and the soul shock from the separation,
    and the pain when he flat-out rejected me saying I'm not his dream woman –
    and then when the merging began and I felt like I'm having etheric sex all the time,
    and then when I started to suspect that I'm feeling his feelings, and aware of his moods and thoughts –
    last night I even had a telepathic-unsettling-strange kind of conversation with him while I was having a shower, and I suddenly felt that I can sense his wound, his fear of abandonment..

    But actually I haven't seen him for months, and maybe this is all just in my head, I was always the little idealist, the romantic bookworm, maybe all the meditations I've been doing in the past years have finally caught up with me, welcome to la-la land, I'm mad, imagining things, falling in love with a guy 13 years my junior and waiting, waiting.. There is so much doubt. But whose doubt?! I don't know :'))))

    I feel like I'm being boiled in a pressure cooker. Sometimes I enjoy it, because I changed so much, became so much more authentic, integrated and loving, and I can feel this is a journey that makes my soul happy. Meeting him was the best thing that happened to me. But it's hard.

    This article gave me faith and strength. Thank you so much <3

    1. Thank you! This is exactly why I do what i do. I don’t want people to feel alone and struggling in pain. Trust yourself. You have not gone to lala land. I’m an idealist, bookworm, too. The last few days I am feeling the energy of the masculine and the pain they have suffered and how it hold them back in many ways. Will try to write about it soon. Much love!

  6. So beautiful Marla! I loved reading the story in it’s entirety. This speaks volumes in helping to see what is happening within our Divine Partnership dynamic! It is ALWAYS Good to know and hear that we are not alone, that the collective is feeling this. With the guidance from people like you, we are all helped along this journey in continuing to have unconditional Love, to know when to gently let go, to hold space, have faith, be patient and to hold on tight as we go with the flow! Love you!!

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  8. Hi Marla,

    I’m feeling the intense sexual energy at this time – it’s driving me even more crazy than normal (I’m an Aries!!) My DM is playing around on his Karmic, and I feel when he is/sometimes see images: added extra driving me crazy.

    We are not in communication – he refused this, and he still hides from me……

    I so hope the pressure cooker “……..while Eros transforms from being driven by his more animal passions to understand true love and the sacredness of sexual connection.” comes about for us very soon.

    It’s about time now, in fact it’s overdue!!

    Much Love,

    Anita xxx <3 <3 <3.

  9. woowww !!! This is a lovely description and understanding. And it so resonates with the kind of journey i am making..
    Thanks 🙂

  10. My twin and I have Eros and Psyche exactly conjunct and my Venus is in there just 3 degrees away.
    It’s difficult to find information about this. Your article is beautiful. Thank you!

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