Do You Ever Wonder If the Masculine Twin Is Doing Anything?

This question gets asked a lot, especially when twins are in separation. It feels like you are putting your blood, sweat and tears into this union while they couldn’t care less. It seems like you are the only one who goes through the emotional ups and downs, the longing, the dark nights of the soul and all the rest of the challenges this journey holds. They may not be talking to you or they may be with karmic partners. Looking at them from the outside it seems as if everything is wonderful. They may appear to be “asleep” and acting from ego. It seems like they actually put no effort forward but is that the truth?

Remember that we all have masculine and feminine energy that we are always balancing within ourselves, and without, in our union, and it can be challenging and takes time. While the masculine energy has been awakening for a while, it was only at the winter solstice on December 21st, that the rebirth actually took place. That was only four weeks ago. Prior to this many were waiting for the energies to align before taking outward action steps so have patience.

This question is loaded with expectations around what you think the masculine should be doing. Expectations are bound to end in disappointment, especially on the twin journey. When they come up, they are redirecting you to something about yourself. How can you be in unconditional love when you have expectations? Unconditional love needs nothing in return. Neediness and expectations can push them away due to the energetic connection between twins, often called the push/pull.

How exactly is one to quantify how much work your twin is doing? Is it based on whether or not they want to be in a relationship with you? How they treat you? Making changes in their life? Meditating? Doing yoga? Becoming vegan? I’m being funny here to show a point. How can we put a quantitative measure on this?

Your ego is going to assert that you are obviously doing more, that you can’t trust them, that they don’t love you because if they did they would show it, right? Wrong. From your 3d perspective you can’t see the whole picture so don’t start telling yourself stories about what they think and feel. Spiritually, there is no way to measure this. That can only be done by your higher self. One can easily fall back into ego even when awake so that can’t be used as a measure either.

I work with a lot of twin flames and I am being shown more and more that the masculine has been doing a lot of work all along. It might not be in ways your ego expects it to be though. Masculine energy is different from feminine energy. They are likely to do things differently, to have a different view point and focus than you. They may not meditate or do yoga or whatever you associate awakening or mission with. What they are working on will end up complimenting your feminine energy while raising the overall traits of the masculine to it’s highest form.

You can trust that their higher self is leading them to what they need to know. It’s easy to think that aren’t listening to their higher self but they are! Right now their inner guidance is loud and clear. Many are catching up to the divine feminine in awareness while being led to the skills and knowledge they need to move forward.

Part of the process is learning to trust again, for both of you, in each other and in spirit. In many lifetimes you took on old templates and suffered separation in order to heal it in this life but you have to work through those templates now in order to do that and it’s challenging. Abandonment is a big one and when your abandonment wound is triggered it’s easy to believe that your twin isn’t pulling their own weight. You will be tested again and again on trust. You aren’t going to be shown everything they are doing in order to help you develop that trust. Learning to live in the unknown is crucial.

They are you. If you are doing your work, why wouldn’t they? If you break free and heal something, they will to. It may not happen over night but trust it will happen. The work each of you is doing is being integrated with the other. I have seen first hand how what the masculine half is accomplishing is setting free the feminine half so it isn’t just the feminine doing work while the masculine benefits. Twin flames work as a team and a very efficient one.

If you think they aren’t doing something, ask yourself where that belief is coming from and how is it being reflected by you? Are you hard on yourself? Do you place heavy expectations on yourself? Do you have issues with the masculine energy or with men? Do you fear and distrust it? Have you been let down in the past? Do you have father issues? How do you relate to your inner masculine? Make peace with your inner masculine. Whenever we bring the focus back to ourselves it’s empowering because we can change ourselves but we can’t change others.

When you are triggered back to these thoughts remember its ego talk. It’s an illusion. The more you embody your highest self and your gifts, they will, too. Many of you should probably prepare yourself to be very surprised. All will be shown in divine time.

Art: Expectations by John William Godward

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  1. I just trust and feel so much truth from you thru your page …I’m so grateful for your guidance….I’m slowly but surely seeing my path thru you….much love and respect to you and yours….

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